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Recently, I have been tired with the busy life of Seoul. So I decide to make a small trip to Busan and few more southern costline city of Korea. I am really surpised how the Korean loves to eat raw fish. They tend to believe that for the seafood, if you eat it raw, the taste of the ocean would still remain freshly in the fish, rather than cook it with some spicy. So i went to Busan fish market to give it a try. It was good experience for me though.
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Oh, why can't my husband win the lottery? I am so ready to travel to Korea.:(
@dramacrazy yah someday your husbad going to take you there. no worry :)
@tapsamai hope is the last to die, right? But if I want to make Korea a reality, I need to do something about it myself. get a second job???
where do you live ? It just Korea, you would make it someday. not going to be far future ;)
yeap when i will eat there i will stay near the chief to see what i wil eat 0.0 ^_^