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Ji Hoon Shin's Adorable MV 'Jungle Gym'!

Ello Mates!

Reporter Taemi here! Recently, Ji Hoon Shin have released her new music video 'Jungle Gym'! The music video was released May 24th KST. If you haven't heard her new song yet, you should totally listen to it and watch the music video, it is amazing and adorable!
Ji Hoon Shin's is very beautiful along with her angelic voice! Her vocals are very soft and cute, she's not trying too hard to sing , it's perfect! The song is about her reminiscing about her hometown and how she misses it. The music video is really nice and peaceful too. Ji Hoon Shin is a former contestant from “K-Pop Star 2″. She parted ways with Cube Entertainment and signed with Star Line Entertainment. Hoon Shin made this comeback for her fifth single, 'Jungle Gym' after two years! She wrote and composed the song herself, and described the song as, “A song about my hometown as I imagine it", “I hope that the people listening to this song can for a moment reminisce on their own hometown as if they are looking at a photograph,” Shin Ji Hoon continued.


I think it's a really beautiful song and it's really relatable. Sometimes we all reminisce about our hometown and our school days. Those were some good days that we miss so much! What do you think about her new song?

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