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Here we go!!!
You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock at 6 am. You and your members are freaking out you debut in 3 hours!! You all get dressed in comfy clothes and go in vehicles to go celebrate! You got to this fancy restaurant. Fancy isn't really your style but it matters to what it is. You look on the menu with the member your closest with, her stage name is Gabi, you guys grew up together and spent most of your childhood together, until you both were about 8. You finally decide to get a steak with just some French fries, nothing to fancy. Once you get your food, you see a familiar face walk in, it was GOT7! You freaked out, got out of your seat so you could go hug the guys. You see Mark, and you can feel yourself blushing. You can't like him, is what you think to yourself. "Hey Y/N! Didn't expect to see you here!", Mark says. Then, he goes in for a hug, you accept the hug. You then notice that you left your group. You go back to your seat and you eat. Then you head back to the dorm. You have your eyes on the clock. Three minutes until you debut. It's a mad house in the dorm, everyone is freaking out. 2 minutes left. You then once again realize you won't see Jackson as much. Or Sana, your closest friend in the girl group Twice. 1 minute. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55. 54. 53. 52. 51. 50. 49. 48. 47. 46. 45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31. 30. Once the timer reached thirty seconds you were freaking out. GOT7 than comes in your room, and all come to you. As soon as it reached 1. Mark, well let's just say, he kissed you. He went in for a hug but Youngjae was so happy he bumped into Mark, which made him kiss you. You, liked it. A Couple Days Later You were preforming on stage for the first time tonight. People seemed to like your debut as well! 9 million views in one day is a lot. By today it's already at 15 million. While you were getting your makeup done, waiting to go on stage, you realize some of your favorite bands are here! So is GOT7! You were called to go on stage, and once that happened you were scared, to death almost.
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