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Durarara!!x2 Ketsu - Mikado and Masaomi Reunite **SPOILERS - Latest Arc**

This moment actually shocked me so much I was compelled to post a card about it when I watched it a few months ago! Mikado had been losing his way trying to clean up the Dollars after Masaomi left. Keeping tabs on the chatroom, Masaomi grew worried about his friend and returned to Ikebukuro. Amidst the chaos that had built up, the two finally confronted each other, and I was not emotionally prepared for what ensued!

Honorable Mentions

Obviously, there are spoilers in store. I tried to be crafty with he headings and cover images so that they're not too spoilery and you can skip it if it doesn't look familiar, but you should still be able to identify it if you've seen it, if that makes sense.

Assassination Classroom - Kiss (2nd Season, Episode 15)

Yeah, that! The students of Class E at Kunugigaoka Academy, particularly Nagisa, spend their time learning assassination moves in addition to their regular courswork. Of the many techniques Nagisa has a knack for, this one might be my favorite! Now I'm getting into the spoilers, so if you're not through Episode 15 of Season 2, I'd skip down to the next one! I never suspected sweet little Kayano to begin with, but when she revealed her secret, her classmates were scrambling to come up with a way to distract her in order to save her. Nagisa ran through his arsenal of tricks and came up empty, except for this one technique. Once Korosensei got a hold of Kayano, Nagisa ran up to her like he does and went to work, applying the training he'd done with Bitch-sensei to incapacitate Kayano while his classmates whipped out their camera-phones!

Naruto - Pain Attacks Konoha

So it wasn't Pain's attack itself that shocked me but the characters who died, particularly Kakashi. It has been spoiled for me that he dies at some point, but I also know that at some point before that happens, he has to become Hokage, so, even though I knew somehow it wouldn't stick, it was still shocking because he is very dear to me. Hinata, too, though I don't remember for sure whether she died or was just severely injured in Naruto's defense... Oof! I'd forgotten how much that had affected me emotionally!

Noragami Aragoto - Yukine's Sacrifice

In this second season of Noragami, Yato and Bishamon were manipulated into a huge conflict. Due to a plot arranged by one of Bishamon's regalia, she became badly corrupted and unstable. When Yato and Yukine showed up to rescue Hiyori, who had been taken as bait by the regalia, Bishamon assumed that he had come to slaughter all of her regalia, as he had done once before. Her regalia managed to contain Yato, separating him from Yukine, and, as she was about to administer her final blow, Yukine threw himself between the gods, sacrificing himself for Yato, ending the episode as Yato screamed his name all dramatic-like. You all probably know how overwhelmingly and immensely I love Yukine, so to say I was shocked was a little bit of an understatement! A part of me knew that he had to be okay, but a small part wasn't so sure.
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@alliepetey good choice! You should though; it's pretty awesome!
I love your choices!!! I skipped over the first one tho cuz I haven't watched Durarara yet XD