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I fell in love with this man it must've been the things he didn't have to do that got me it must've been the smile or maybe it was how safe I felt with him he didn't even have to say much it was like the most instant connection so I fell in love with this man he made me more selfless he made me more giving he made me want more with myself by him just being there listening to everything I said whether I blabbed on for hours or not so I fell in love with this man showed me off to all of his Friends & family those hugs he gave me from the back when I wasn't expecting him the look in his eyes right before he kissed me it was beautiful most importantly he made me feel beautiful the only one to ever compliment in a relationship so I fell in love with this man who didn't have the world to give but somehow always managed to make me happy. And I didn't want anything more from him of course the basic things, like a home and maybe a family one day so I gave him everything I possibly could and I thought he appreciated it. he did he loved everything I did for him but it wasn't enough it wasn't so much of what I didnt do that bothered him it's what he didn't do for me or what he thought he didn't do for me so this man fell in love with me but he wasn't happy with himself he couldn't provide the way he wanted to even if he tried it seemed that all the milestones he did were simple to me felt as if he wasn't doing much for himself he wasn't happy with himself, but he held on to me. for as long as he could. so he fell in love with me the girl who put him before her the one who made sure he ate the one who didn't worry about how much she spent on him bc love had no cost he fell for her she was different than anyone he's ever been with the others didn't care or make much of an effort for him but he let me go not for any wrong reasons but bc he wanted to do more with his life he wants to get out of the depression that he's in I know depression very well I know how hard that is he's not happy with the road he's been on but I know he loves me And I know we love each other deeply And as hard as it is to let's only for now I hope I have faith in us And even though I'm not sure what the future holds I know I hold his heart and he holds mine whatever the future holds for us he'll always have my heart
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