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This song is bound to make your body go, EOEO. After being a bystander witnessing this, I mine as well write my will and bury myself six feet deep in pizza. Instead of flowers, I hope family and friends place slices of pizza, my fave albums, and my laptop with a charger on my coffin cus I'm definitely gonna get hungry on the way and still going to be watching mvs wherever I end up. I can just imagine myself calling 911 and our conversation being like: 911: 911, what's your emergency? Me: I saw something that made it hard to breathe and suffocating. I'm about to die. *makes whale on crack noises 911: Okay, ma'am. Calm down help is coming. Please just tell me what happened. Me: Let's just say it started with a music video... 911: Miss, this isn't a joke. This is serious Me: That's why I'm calling. You're not taking me serious. 911: *sighs* okay, well don't call again. What's the name of that song anyway? It can't have that much of an effect. Me: EOEO by UNIQ. Don't say I didn't warn you. 911: *searches video and after watching it, makes WEEWOOWEEWOO Patrick star style noises* 911: You were right, I need a drink. But what I really need is to write an early will cus I no longer exist. Thanks for introducing me to that, whoever you are. Me: Told you. Wait, you're not gonna charge me for first degree murder, right? Cus I have nothing to do with your death. It was EOEO's fault. 911: No, not at all. As we speak, I'm dancing on my desk and flipping off all my annoying co-workers what a relief. Don't say I didn't warn you...
I love this song
EOEO is a good song