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Jay Park, one of my fave rappers, this man still manages to amaze me when he goes from his sweet and seductive singing side, to hardcore, TKO, I-don't-need-a-beat-cus-supply-my-own-beats-with-my-own-two-feet rapping. Here's my playlist called Eat, Pray, Jay of some of my favorite songs by him that makes dealing with humans more bearable. If you want more of the salty vs. sweet skip 1 and 2 for the hardcore baton beats
1. So Good The title says it all. Definitely a theme song whenever I'm eating or discovering new music. And with the MJ vibes, it's a bonus. Like how could you not sing HEEHEE along with him?
2. Welcome With the sexy beat and atmosphere, its bound to have you end up writing an early will as a result. Just a warning. This mv needs its own caution tape, cus it definitely makes you feel some type of way.
3. Who The F*CK Is You This is the kind of song you scream along with on the last day of skool at all, recreating your own version of high skool musical or in public when you just don't give af. Did your teacher give you a lot of hw you know in the end you might not do? Do people annoy you? Need a music version of a stress ball? If you answered all of the above, then you're at the right destination.
4. In This B*TCH This is the new version of We're All In This Together. High School Musical's got nothing on this. There's no comparison. If your booty doesn't create its own verse along with this song, you're a cyborg.
5. Worldwide Basically sums up what we accomplished and everything we are today and a big fuck you to every obstacle in our path we pushed aside with more strength than any superhero combined. We're our own Incredible Hulks
6. Evolution Read #5 for more details
7. BO$$ This is the kind of song where you walk in slow motion, flip off your haters, and bend and snap just for the hell of it. Last but not least, drumroll please...
8. GGG If you mute the song, it's basically like every rap music video created, but nonetheless Jay gives his best which even he never fails to bring up. But it's giving me G Dragon feels and almost expected G Dragon to be featured in it. I can picture after the music video's over, G Dragon waiting impatiently on Jay Park backstage, pacing back and forth. And when Jay Park is pleasantly surprised and says he didn't know he came to visit him. And G Dragon goes all angry girlfriend mode who caught her man cheating and be like:
And Jay Park just nervously laughs and puts some distance while he discreetly takes out a fire extinguisher nearby just in case G Dragon breathes out fire and turns him into smoked bacon:
And suddenly bands start to apparate out of no where to see the real life WWE smackdown take place with some snacks:
But after Jay Park hands G Dragon a chocolate bar:
G Dragon decided to let him live and they hug it out instead, while band members sulkily walk away candyless and full of empty promises.
yeeees finally someone who understands cus once u jimin u can't jimout. rap mon has been my bias since day one and makes me feel some type of way and wonder how tf does he breathe when he raps at high speed internet per second
yeah so jay park has a good and a bad side to him witch it what I love about him g dragon and rap monster have the same thing good and bad sides to them I can't live without these 3 amazing men