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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring Y/N, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Teen Romance.

If you haven't read the previous chapters, I recommend Reading them first before reading this chapter. I'll put them in the link below.

Chapter 6: I'm a Monster.

"Come on, We have to go find him before he does something Bad." Said Namjoon. Namjoon Puts on his Jacket, grabbed my hand and we ran out the door together to search for Yoongi. The other guys followed us. We searched hours for Yoongi, but we could not find him anywhere. "If we don't find him soon, Dr. Park will catch him!" Shouted Namjoon with Concern. We finally find his building that looks like it had been destroyed. "Yoongi's been here." Said Namjoon. We start to walk inside the building. "Y/N? I want you to stay here!" Namjoon Ordered. "It could be dangerous." He said. He walks in the building. Then all of the sudden Two men Dressed in all black came up from behind me and grabbed me. I scream for Namjoon as they Drag me away to their van. They throw me in the back of he van, and start to drive off I see Namjoon Running after the Van through the little window on the van. Meanwhile Namjoon is Running after the van, he stops. "GO AFTER HER!" screams Jimin "We'll look for Yoongi!" He continued. Namjoon gets in his car and Takes off after the van. The van pulls up to this big building that seemed oddly familiar, it's as if I had a sudden flashback of this place, but it was still so foggy. The two men drag me inside a lab where they tied me to a chair. after sitting there tied up for about thirty minutes, but it felt like hours. A middle aged man walks in dressed in a lab coat. Holding a Big syringe in his hand "who are you and what do you want from me?" I asked while in a panic. "Don't worry, we won't let you escape again." He said. "Dr. park?" I presumed. "Ah, so you've heard about me." He said. He grabs the chair and pulls me face to face with him. "Where are the others!?" He asked harshly! "I...I...Don't Know!" I responded with fear. "YOU'RE LYING!!!" He shouted in my face as he shoved my chair back and put his hand on my throat. "LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Screams Namjoon while standing in he doorway with his eyes glowing. Dr. Park releases me from his grasp while scared of what Namjoon was going to do to him, and then he backs away from me. "Y/N, Are you Okay!?" He Asked with concern as he Un tied me. Before I had time to respond Namjoon puts his arms around me, And Hugs me Tight. "I'm never letting you go again." He softly whispers in my ear. He grabs my hand and starts to run out the door with me. "I guess you're Forgetting Someone." Said Dr. park from Behind us. We both stop and turn around to look at him. "What are you talking about?" Asked Namjoon in an angry tone. "Haven't you heard?" Asked Dr. Park as he grabs a Remote. He presses a button on the remote and a Huge TV on the wall turns on. On the tv was a surveillance video being recorded in his lab. On the screen, it showed Yoongi chained up, and being Tortured. Yoongi looked very different. He had grown twice his size, he had Claws, and Large Black wings. "We've got to save him." I said to Namjoon. "We'll think of something." He whispers in my ear as we start to walk out he door again. "Don't make the same mistake you made away ten years ago." Warned Dr. Park. Namjoon tightens his fists and slowly turns around. " Namjoon, What is he Talking about?" I Asked. "Oh, he didn't tell you about the ninth test subject?" Dr. Park asked me. "SHUT UP!!!" Barked Namjoon. "What does he mean, Namjoon?" I asked. "I'll tell you." Said Dr. park. "There where originally nine test subjects. The ninth one was Namjoon's Little sister." He said. "STOP IT!" Screamed Namjoon while trying to avoid listening to his story. "During the Experiment, Namjoon's Sister was hooked up to special equipment. Some of this equipment was to keep her alive during the experiment, the machine even kept her heart beating during the process." Explained Dr. park. "But a certain Rebellious Test subject didn't do what he was told." He said. "SHUT UP!!!" Screamed Namjoon as he starts to cry. "Little Namjoon decided that he and his sister were going to try and escape that day." He told me. Namjoon sticks his fingers in his ears while Breathing Heavy. "Namjoon unplugged his Sister from the machine that was keeping her alive." He explained. Dr. Park starts tormenting Namjoon. "So you see, Namjoon?" He asked him. "Your Sister is Dead because of YOU!" He accused. "Shut up! I can't Take this!" Cries Namjoon. "Just because you couldn't do what you were told!" He blamed him. "STOP!" Namjoon screamed while breathing heavy. "And now your Sister's Blood is on your Hands!" He Shouted while pointing his finger at him. Namjoon Roars as his Eyes turn bright yellow. He grows Claws. This was no longer the Namjoon that I knew. He had hit Level 2 and the monster inside had taken him over. Namjoon grabs Dr. Park by the throat at throws him against the wall. He begins Clawing him and punching him to the ground. Namjoon starts heading for the throat to kill him. I Jumped in front of him to stop him. "NAMJOON, STOP!!!" I scream while jumping between them. Namjoon takes his long claws and shoves me aside throwing me against the wall. He knocks Dr. Park unconscious. Then He stops what he's doing and approaches me. As I'm on the floor bleeding, I'm terrified of him as he walks closer. I see him looking at the Claw marks that he left on my arm. As he saw what he had done, his Eyes widen as he starts turning back to normal. "Oh My God, Wha...what have I done?!" He asked himself while breathing really heavy and starting to cry. "It's my Fault!" He screams. "Everything is MY FAULT!!!" He continued. As I'm laying on the floor, I start to reach for him."Namjoon, it's okay." I told him as I start to grab his hand. Namjoon backs away from me. "NO, Don't Touch me!" He warned. "I..I...I'm a Monster." he cries while looking at his Hands. Namjoon runs out of the room. I was able to Sneak out because Namjoon had knocked Dr. park unconscious. That's when I began my Search to find him.
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