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I don't see how this is really "evidence" that they're dating. However, it can mean something like they have the same friends or Ravi is just a huge hyuna fanboy. whatever it is, I'd be very happy for them and I think all the Starlights and hyuna fans should be too!

what do you think? @kpopandkimchi

This is might be a big exaggerated. I don't see any REAL evidence only coincidences. This is like saying: (not real btw) TEN from NCT U was seen with a hoodie that looks exactly like the one a Wendy from Red Velvet. #RelationshipConfirmed Like there isn't evidence XD
I saw Koreaboo and knew immediately this was bullshit.
I can't deal with this I believe they are just friends that's all I have to say
haha thanks! I just laughed when I saw the post cx
I don't think its true but I think they would make a cute couple. 😊
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