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Part 2/?? Reader x Yoongi Summary: He was my best friend, he was the only person I've ever had. Then, he left... "(Y/N)? Are you listening to me?" Jungkook asked as he looked over at you. "Y-Yeah sorry!" You say quickly looking away from what looks like Yoongi. "Y-You know...I actually better get going!" "Awe why (Y/N)?" Jungkook asked again and then noticed how your eyes often travelled to Yoongi. "Ah...I see." He mumbled into your ear, as the members all ignored the two of you. "You know Suga or like him." He teased. "Hm?" You asked in confusion, who was Suga? "Ah, sorry. Yoongi, it's Yoongi." He smiled and took a step away from you to sit with his member leaving you standing beside their table. "(Y/N), please sit." One of the members dashed a cute smiled at you. Was his name Jimin? "The more the merrier!" "Yeah please!" The members were begging now, you actually found it cute except the one person you wanted to notice you acted as if you were invisible. He used to be kind of distant as a child, but he was never as rude to never spare me a glance...even if he didn't know me. You finally gave in and sat beside Jin who gave you such a cute boyish smile. And from the other end of the table you could hear someone making an annoyed sound. "Tsk..." He mumbled and Najoom quickly slapped the back of his head. "Yoongi, be polite! I get you don't really like us yet, but we are all a team!" Jin said frustrated, it seemed like he's had to give him that talk before. Oh Yoongi, what happened to you? "It's okay...I didn't mean to intrude..." You said trying to avoid eye contact with him. "Actually, I better get to work." "Where do you work (Y/N)?" Hoseok asked. "The orphanage." You replied softly, you've always dreamed of that, even when you were little you'd tell Yoongi how you'd try to help kids like them. "(Y/N), won't you stay? Ms.Step won't mind if your catching up with an old friend, right?" Yoongi said happily. It made me think of when we were kids, but I could see he never talked that way with his member because they just stared at us in shock. --- It gets better I swear! Comment if you want to be tagged or if you have feedback! @tiffany1922
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