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“Hello and welcome to Chic Boutique. If I can- Nabi!” Andrea was in the middle of her practiced greeting when she noticed it was her best friend. “I see you’re doing good at least with greeting.” Nabi said with a sly grin. Yes, she was not the best at Korean but with practice she was slowly understanding more. She still had some words people would say that would completely confuse her. Luckily they were in Seoul so not too many people used satori words. “Shut up. I know all the words to describe all the kinds of clothes we sell. Jess is a really good teacher.” “You just learn fast.” Jess came out from the back room with a box of clothes. “These are the last of our winter clothes. I need to find a spot for them and sell them at a discount.” “Maybe near the front to the side in an easily accessible place. You wouldn’t want it to distract from your new arrivals and the things you want to sell but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying to hide them either.” There she went again. Nabi never really could shut off her work mode always finding the best ways to lay out things to sell them better. She was far more than just a simple advertising agent. You would never find her bragging about her skills but if she could help someone she was always there. Money was never first on her mind with clients. “Hey Nabi how did your first day go?” Andrea said trying to pull her away from working outside of work. “Oh it was fine. Most people don’t really like me because I’m foreign but there is another foreigner on my floor who I sit next too. I also sit near the top agent, he’s kind of a dick but not too bad really.” “Don’t worry about him. You’re going to be taking all the top clients in no time.” “I don’t know about that. I’m going to try to stay under the radar if I can. I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way. I can’t just run to whatever job I want like in the US.” “You can’t hold back forever though. Lay low but if you get a chance to shine you better knock them all off their feet.” “Yes mom~.” Nabi just laughed as Andrea gave her a look. Not many people could get away with calling her mom but when Nabi did it, it was usually in a teasing way. “Do you want to go ahead and go home Andrea? I can watch the store till we close. You guys still have things to get sorted out with your house. Don’t forget to get the right trash bags or they won’t pick it up.” “Are you sure? You can call me if you need me to come back. We don’t live far away, well you know that.” “I’m sure. I’ll wait till you are settled and comfortable with the shop before I let you close up.” “Thank you Jess. I’ll see you later.” “If you’re hungry after work I’m sure there will be leftovers.” Nabi better be the one cooking.
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