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It's that time again for another lovely BBMG of the day ......and might I say today's pick is not only extremely talented and one of my favorite human beings......he's also extremely handsome......who is this wonderful man you ask..........well let me tell you .........but first


Mr beat boy himself the one and only chacha

Chase Vincent Malone

Birthday: May 25, 1987 commonly known as Cha Cha Malone, is an American singer, music producer, songwriter, composer, and member of b-boy crew, Art of Movement (AOM), from Seattle, Washington. Malone is widely known for his work with Korean-American singer, friend, and fellow AOMG member, Jay Park, which began in 2010 with online hits "Bestie" and "Speechless", and has produced nine tracks for his multi-platinum and award-winning works, Take A Deeper Look and New Breed. In 2011, Malone released an EP, Breakthrough, through iTunes and Bandcamp.[ Aside from collaborations with Park, Malone has produced and worked with many other artists in South Korea, including Kara, Dok2, The Quiett, Brian Joo, U-KISS, and B1A4
Malone was born in Seattle, Washington to a Filipino mother and an African-American father. He was raised only by his single mother for the first 16 years of his life. His grandmother also played a huge role in his life. Malone's first passion was art and illustration, and from a young age this became his creative outlet.At age 7, Malone began playing the piano by ear, and was influenced by his mother who used to write songs and sing in a band.Malone used to write rap verses in third grade, and was first introduced to the use of modern technology in beat making when he stumbled upon an early version of FL Studio on a friend's computer in 2000, and has participated in online beat battles at Rocbattle.At age 12, and in middle school, Malone entered the world of b-boying with friends at Seattle-based b-boy crew, Art of Movement, and in 2005 he appeared in episode of MTV's Made.Malone graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle in 2009, earning a B.F.A. in Media Arts and Animation, and was interested in working in the field of concept art and visual development.Malone found he was always making time to create music during his studies, even when classes were long and homework was draining.

(Baby chacha is life)

Basically chacha has been great since birth and dude has not only produced his own music but he has produced for so many other amazing artists and he just makes me soo proud....and my loves birthday past and I'm just so upset I missed it but it's okay ...chacha knows the love is real...

words can't describe how much I love this man.....he does soo much and he's the biggest sweetheart ever!!! so humble and such a family man it melts my heart

and might I add EVERYONE loves chacha ......like can you blame them?? and don't try to convince yourself that you don't like him ....because we all know that's indeed false haha

(like how I slipped in my fiance ...chacha is gonna be the best man at the wedding)

the real dream team

and let's just take the time to just admire Chase aka chacha aka my chachi boy aka mr.beatboys beauty because it's too much for life

this man has zero chill

Last but not least I will share one of my favorite songs by my love his voice is just too much for the soul

Chachi boy made this song 8928282299282times better and my soul wasn't ready when I heard this
Hope you guys enjoyed this card as much as I enjoyed making this card this man is just an angel and what would aomg be without......


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Wow! I mean...Damn! He's good looking!! 😲
damn I need a cha cha beat boy lol
@LocoForJiyong chica, this dark side though esta bueno lol
@IsoldaPazo yes!!!! come over to the dark side......so many beautiful people and so many talented artists
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