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Thirty-Ninth Group: M.A.P.6
(M:arch A:round the P:lanet)
Debuted: November 3, 2015
Latest Comeback: May 16, 2016
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Members: (5)(The 6 above stands for 5 members plus 1(the fans))
Name: Kim Min Hyuk
Stage Name: Minhyuk
He is the Leader, vocalist, and a rapper.
He was born in 1992.
Fun Fact: He is formerly of the group's Taken (under the name Daon) and A-Prince.
Name: Kim Yeong Jun
Stage Name: J.Jun
He is a vocalist.
He was born in 1994.
Fun Fact: He is formerly of the group A-Prince under the name Seungjun.
Name: Kim Ki Ho
Stage Name: Sign
He is a vocalist.
He was born in 1994.
Name: Kang Byung Seon
Stage Name: Sun
He is a vocalist.
He was born in 1995.
Fun Fact: He is formerly of the group A-Prince under the name Siyoon.
Name: Park Jong Bin
Stage Name: J.Vin
He is the Maknae and a vocalist.
He was born in 1996.
Fun Fact: He is formerly of the group A-Prince under the name Woobin.
Do you know this group?
As you may have noticed this group is primarily made up of some of the members of the disbanded group A-Prince, do you recognize them?
Also some suspect that the other A-Prince member who isn't in MAP6 could join the group once he's back from military services. But this is only a rumor and there are no facts to suggest it is correct!
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this group really surprised me, came out of nowhere with their debut and just started being awesome XD
Exactly! They just need to stop before they cross the line of no return! *even tho I'd really like to see them cross that line*
Oh my gosh me too!! But J.Jun is too freaking cute with all the little faces he makes!!😊
Yass!! And I don't know why but I freak out every time I listen to the beginning when Minhyuk goes "hot d*mn"... And the chorus choreography😍😍 especially when J.Jun is in the front😫😫 uggghhhhh I love it so much
OMG!!! I love Map6!!! Especially Swagger Time!!😍
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