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Okay, Another Quick Kcon Question:

So lets say i wanted to attend only the concert for both days, would i have to buy 2 single tickets? (one for each day)
This is my first time going to Kcon, and i will be traveling from another state to LA so i really dont want to mess anything up. ♡ Love you Vingle fam! ~~~♡
@PolarStarr no I was ordering two tickets and the original price was $155.00 each but this person sold them for $300.00 😡
Wish I could go but steady bought tickets for got7 LA concert and because they sold out my mom had to buy it from someone and she ended up paying $756.00 I fee bad enough for making her pay so much😓
Ahh i see, okay thank you so so much!!♡♡ @OhItsJas
The combo ticket includes both days so if you want to go to both nights do the combo bc it's cheaper than buying 2 singles
But for got7 it's worth it
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