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Drastic change after Graduation. 808s and Heartbreak was traumatic to a lot of people when it came out... old ye: http://www.vingle.net/posts/160506-PLAYLIST-10-Memorable-Songs-from-the-Old-Kanye-West 1) Paranoid featuring Mr. Hudson 2) Power (Remix) 3) So Appalled 4) Blame Game featuring John Legend 5) Higher featuring The Dream, Pusha T 6) I Don't Like (Remix) 7) Why I Love You- with Jay-Z 8) Black Skinhead 9) New Slaves 10) Blood On The Leaves SO MANY MORE GOOD ONES: pretty much all of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous, Devil In A New Dress), Gotta Have It from Watch the Throne, a lot of Cruel Summer (To The World, The Morning, Sin City, The One, Creepers, Bliss), Yeezus as a whole
I seriously love your playlists! They are great for an intense workout session!
@roselee89 glad you enjoyed :)