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hey guys so I watched the new X-Men movie last night, no worries no spoilers.... however! I have to say Quicksilver is still my favorite guy!
so I know alot of people had many things to say about X-Mens quicksilver because he is dressed... well, a little different? so what? this character is sooo awesome and a real MVP when it comes to the new movie!
If you are a comic fan, you might have seen this ^^^ before, yeah a lot of things change and some should stay the same but is it all about what he wears?
The getup for the new movie did not change much from the last and it's still awesome! to me it was not about the clothing, the character brought so much to the last two movies, comedy relief was found when Quicksilver appeared and I wished I could have seen more, now my wishes came thru in the new movie! The character is so cool I could hardly care about clothes, which do change at the end anyway...as long as it's not making him slow.
anyways! just watch the movie and enjoy! there are many cool scenes. I enjoy watching new characters appear, the characters we had not previously seen appear minimally and that's ok! either way this movie was awesome and I think I enjoyed it more than civil war =0 yes I said it
@MoisEsGaray he was seriously the best for me in this movie for sure!
yes! I loved him in the movie ones again :) I'm gonna have to go with fox's Quick silver I just feel he has more character and flavor than the one from Disney did. I honestly love how he dresses he looks cool and badass hahaha I want to wear what he's wearing! lol and man yes he had some of the best parts hahah he made me laugh and he made my jaw drop too LOL I was like oooh snap this Quick silver is fearless! and yes the movie was AWESOME!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜