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I'm not even going to lie I would ride all of BTS thighs. I mean who wouldn't. There is no bias in BTS First Jin I'm mean omg just imaging riding his thighs ugh. Then next is my daddy Yoongi I would ride him for days not even going to lie Third is Namjoon he has crept into my heart but those thighs tho 馃樀 Fourth Hopie he is a dancer enough said I'm mean look at them ugh 馃槏 Fifth okay everyone know Jimin got thighs for days and every hoe be wanting to ride them. Sixth is my baby Taehyung he is like omg thighs haha. And I would ride him but also that tongue though. Last is baby Jungkook don't got baby thighs just let me deflower this child please hahah.
Monsta X The hoe of the groups Wonho uhh so perfect thighs for me to ride. And the we have Appa Shownu. I don't mind calling you daddy either baby as long as those thighs come in to play
Next up is Jackson from Got7. I mean holy hell please let me ride you. 馃槏馃憛 Then of course it's Appa Baekhyun those hips and thighs get me every time.
Of course I'm not going to skip the ladies of Kpop either First is Hwasa ugh those thighs are my life. 馃樆馃槝 And of course my beautiful queen CL 馃憫 I would ride her all day long. And last is pretty much all of sistar I mean come on who wouldn't want to ride them. 馃槤
What about y'all? Tell me whose thighs or and body part you want I want juicy secrets here haha. And if I missed any one please let me know cause I live for thighs. 馃懐
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@LeannePratt Bless your sweet soul for that, it killed me but know I died a happy fangirl lol
@BabydollBre you are welcome Yoongi be killing fangirl a left and right me include hahah
to me.....Hwasa is not only talented and beautiful...but what really stood out to me when I was getting into Mamamoo was her body shape...I've never really seen some kpop idols with such an amazing body. Of course there is CL and Sistar like you mentioned...but I look up to Hwasa because her body type is so different from what I usually see...and her voice is amazing 馃槏馃槏馃挄馃憣馃憣
Bless this post including hwasa because she really stood out when I first got into mamamoo
-gets a pool outs gasoline belch and holy water, sets in on fire, goes for a nice relaxing swim-