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"I'm fine I promise I'll go to the doctor." "I don't like you feeling sick when Im not there." "My Hope always worrying about me." I laughed "Well if I'm not going to who is?" "No one." "Exactly. So when do you plan on going? I say go right now." "I'll try to get today but I'm sure I need to set an appointment." "(y/n) it's been two weeks of being sick you go right now...otherwise I'm leaving this tour and coming back to you." "Ok ok I'll go right now. I'll call you when I find out ok?" "Thank you. I love you!" "I love you too." 2 weeks of being sick is kind of odd. It's been almost a month since he left to tour and I got real sick after he left. But I assumed it was because I kept pushing myself and not resting at all. I went to the walk in clinic and waited for a hour before I was seen. They did the usual and by the end of it they had a lot to tell me. I had a cold that was starting to turn worse since I didn't take care of it but there was more than that. Once I was out of the doctors I called Hoseok. "So how was it?" "I have a bad cold." "This is what happens when I leave and you don't take care of yourself." "I know, I know." "So that was it?" "Yea. So you'll be home next week right?" "No ill be home in 2 days" "Really your already almost done?" "We get a tiny break between concerts, so we are coming back." "Oh awesome I can't wait to see you." "Yea it's been too long. Hey I gotta go I'll text you later." "Ok bye have a good concert." "We will." We hung up the phone and I set my plan in motion I had 2 days to figure out what to do and how to tell him. I don't even know how he's going to handle it.

Fwd>>>2 days

I was really nervous. He called me and said he was almost home. As the minutes ticked by I was turning into a mess. This would change everything. "Baby I'm home!" I heard and turned towards the door. "Kitchen" I said and started pacing back and forth. He ran into the room and ran to me and hugged me. "My heart is whole again" He said kissing me. "Stop...." I smiled and lightly pushed him off of me. "Are you still sick?" He asked not letting go of me. "Sorta." "(y/n) what's going on." I took his hands off of me and walked over to the table and grabbed a piece of paper and handed it to him. He started reading it and then when he got the the part I was waiting he looked at me. Shock on his face. "Is this for real?" "It's for real." I smiled He hugged me and kissed me all over my face. "I have to tell the guys!" He quickly whipped out his phone. After a few rings someone picked up. "Namjoon put me on speaker phone." He looked at me with that perfect smile. "Everyone's there? Ok guys I'm gonna be a daddy! Yea she found out at the doctors. Thanks! I'll see you guys later... yea I'll tell her. bye" He hung up. "So?" "They are excited for us and they say congrats and if you need anything just let them know." "Ok. I really thought I wasn't able to have kids." "I never gave up hope. It just wasn't the right time until now." He smiled and placed his hand on my stomach. "Man I can't wait." "You know I'm not that far along. You won't be able to feel anything for awhile." "I know I'm just so excited." "I'm glad." "Can we celebrate?" He asked "Yea of course I got a cake." I walked over to the fridge and got it out. He looked at it and smiled. 'You're going to be a daddy!' was written on it. "Why didn't you tell me on the phone?" "I'm wanted to tell you in person." "Well I'm very happy. We finally get to add to our family." He pulled me over to him and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and decided on a risky move. I grabbed a bit of the cake in my hand and smacked the side of his face. We broke apart and I was laughing. "Oh you're going to get it now." He smirked and grabbed some cake and I took off running. Our life was never boring. 2 years of Marriage and finally a baby to add to our family. I can't wait to see how our life unfolds as parents.
Well I'd like to thank all those who read this lovely story. I had fun writing it and I loved all the reactions you all gave. I hope you enjoyed it.
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I LOVED THIS. I would love to see their life too so I'll leave it up to my imagination 😁
@TaylorPriddy Yea I'm excited what's to come for my group bts epilogue later this year lol
Such an amazing story @SarahVanDorn, the ending made me so happy I'm crying!! Hehe :3
Awww this was the loveliest epilogue! I really liked your fanfic!
Omg omg this was one of the cutest fanfictions I've ever read 😣😣
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