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❈ YonSan ❈

➻ Yeasss! Finally Caught up!! Let's get to the Mischief Maknae Ship Line ♡

✤ YonSan is my special Ship

☆☆ These two are also peas in a pod.

✤ In ZEDD, Their movie, they are basically playing themselves; personality wise.

♧♧ I fell in love with them more watching it. ♧♧ The ships practically sailed

✤ They are just too much. It was at that moment that TakTak felt as if he had made a grave mistake by letting them be together. . .

✤ Pretty sure I just want to Take them home with me and pet them always.

✤ My hubby video bombed hubby #2, and my precious baby Maknae.

✤ I think I know where they get it from now.

♧♧ Good LAWD. I have three mischievous boys.

✤ The two youngest want to reveal every secret there practically is

{Aherm. I'm gonna need a complete transcript from all of them; please and thanky}

✤ They are goofballs, and sometimes it kicks them where it hurts. [Pun Intended]

✤ Cross Gene Soleil

✤ My beautiful acrobatic bunnies

✤ They are so greasy together, that they make bacon-cheeseburgers look and seem healthy. . .

✤ Not gonna lie tho, I love that about them.

✤ I think aside from Seyoung & Tak, Yongseok is Sangmins biggest fan

♧♧ I ship this Bromance so much

✤ Well, It looks as if I cannot put anymore photos. . . .but a few more, so I am ending this with a cliff hanger

❣ Tagging CandY Mod Squad ❣

۵ Tagging Yak Pak ۵

۵ Requested CandY Babies ۵

If you would like to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment below ➷

@XergaB20 OH I will!!
@AimeeH Bring it Wifey!!!
@XergaB20 Hehe the card is gonna get a snack down
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