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2nd part of my little playlist series!~

When I need a major pick-me-up'll find me flailing in my bedroom, blasting songs like these:
Fly - 24K Fire - BTS Hero - Monsta X Crazy- 4Minute Her - Block B Fantastic Baby - Big Bang Ahhh, too many songs that get me pumped!! SIDE NOTE: if you're an ARMY, try dancing to Baepsae > Dope > Fire in one go. Like, DANG. They're side-by-side on the album too, lol xD

What songs get you hyped?


good songs and brad pit omg lol
I'll make a playlist and tag you as there are too many good ones.
a good pick me up is Don't Don by SuJu, Again by TURBO, What U by SPEED, Dash by M.I.B, DxDxD by SHINee, Play With Me by Cross Gene, etc.
@JamiMilsap ikr! Like, I can study with English music but as soon as I put on Kpop, it's not happening lol
All the songs with a fast-ish kind of beat...don't you find while listening to kpop you just can't help but move..even if it's just tapping your foot quietly on the bus. 😁
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