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I don't even have to think about this one (unlike favorite male) the choice has always been Maka Albarn since the first time I watched Soul Eater. She will always be my first and favorite female role model. She literally fights her fears through the entire series. She always stays strong and finds courage no matter the situation. She made her scythe's dream come true and became strong enough to turn him into not only a death scythe... But the LAST death scythe!
HONORABLE MENTIONS Perona The ghost princess is fantastic. From the most epic scene in One Piece history where her negative power is ineffective on Usopp to her being Zoro's guide anytime he got lost.
Elizabeth She's just adorable.. Not a whole lot of help besides letting Mediolas play grab ass (and boob) with her.. But in the end of the first season when Hawk "dies" she finally releases her true power.
Aries Well, she is my zodiac. 鉂わ笍 just the fact she always apologizes even when she's literally done nothing wrong... She literally has my exact personality.
Bisuke She may look like a little girl but for the love of god, do NOT take advantage of her. She's smart, strong, powerful, and witty. The way she helps Gon and Killua train is just awesome.
Haha, I know this is technically early but it's still the next day regardless and this was the only way I could make sure it got posted! Tagging the nakama.. @SAMURXAI @NikolasSatterwh @assasingod @OtakuDemon10 @KennyMcCormick @JessicaFerrier @JasmynAnchondo @kouvarisb @alliepetey @fairydemon15 @msfancysunshine @DestinyAgnew @AimeBolabos @DevilsSon @shannonl5 @LuffyNewman
Cool! Maka's my favorite too!
It's sooo good! And yea, I could see that. Lol @alliepetey @mufasapetersen
Thank you!! @alliepetey
I love your choices!!!
@mufasapetersen i haven't seen hunter x hunter XD
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