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Young Forever on Spotify? Like its been enough time that it should be on there right?
@MaeLyn It typically depends on what state/region you live in; for example when I used to live in Luisiana I was never able to get a certain album by BigBang, but when I moved to Wisconsin I was able to get it. Which in all honesty I think is stupid.
@LilyCookie wonder why I can't get it then..
I can't get save me, young forever, converse high and a lot of songs I used to have, I heard about bigots deal with apple but there's also another deal? I heard about it somewhere but I can't remember the specifics
@felicityclaire excuse me as I go punch Bang PD in the face
Apparently BigHit made a deal with Apple so Young Forever is only available on Apple Music for US and Japan and maybe other regions.
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