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The video was only 15 seconds. I had to shamelessly gif this nosebleed inducing seductive little shit getting his freak on. You're welcome Topp Klass Pervlings. #noregrets #pervandproud
Here's the full 15 second rude af video. Try to maintain calm. Good luck. I failed.
@Vay754 we need a ToppDogg community
@Vay754 I just went and requested it. If you go into the vingle community there is a card for requesting. If you second it and get others to agree we could get one. Hansol is my baby
Hahaha i saw the 5 min loop on youtube. Yes! I vote for a Topp Dogg community. Hansol, P Goon, and Xero are my loves 😍 Gohn is creeping up there as well. @SugaOnTop
@Vay754 I posted this 15 second clip on loop for 5 minutes. I died several times! It made one of my friends blush when I showed her.
Oh my oh my oh my!
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