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The eldest eats first

When having a meal with the elderly, wait for the elders to hold their spoon first and start eating. Respect to elders has always been an important tradition in Korea.

Say ‘Thank you’ to show your gratitude

Before eating, say 잘 먹겠습니다 to someone who has prepared the meal. It literally means “ㅁ eat well." After finishing the meal, 잘 먹었습니다 can be used to express your appreciation. It's literally translated as "I ate well."

Put down your bowls

During the meal, don't hold the bowl of soup or rice in your hand. Just hold the spoon or chopsticks and leave the bowl on the table.

Don’t blow your nose at the table

Korean people consider it rude to blow their noses in front of others, so they usually go the bathroom if needed.

Do not make a noise

Don't make noises by hitting the bowls and plates with your spoon or chopsticks. Also, it is also considered rude to make a lot of noise when chewing.
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