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This is the coolest app cause people love the same stuff as you do. I got on here and sure enough Kpop is here! I'm a huge Kpop fan since middle school and still a huge Kpop fan today.
I become obsessed when it comes to Sehun from EXO cause he's the first boy I lay eyes on when I discovered EXO about high school to maybe college, but I'm sure it's somewhere in high school. This app is awesome to find good pictures of your favorite boys or groups. A lot of them inform you about what happen to a member is they were sick or something. There are also gifs that are cute from your boys. Other then that, you find a lot of cool stuff on here. I know I did when I started downloading pictures of Sehun or Luhan or Jungkook or Jimin or any other boys that I love. So, find something you like and follow that person cause I'm sure they got a lot of stuff to put on here.