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According to the Star Daily News, popular male idol group member "A" was spotted in a gay bar in Thailand. There were many photos of this member in this gay bar. Many netizens believe that member 'A' is 2AM's Jo Kwon. What do you think??? Have you heard of this rumor? Well people say that it is not a big deal because going to gay bars in Thailand is not a big deal...~
I never heard of that group :O
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@beeonka you haven't heard about 2AM???
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to be honest... I always thought that 2AM member Jo Kwon was gay. He is just too fabulous not to be :/
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@alex9094 OOO I thought it was a group called A XD I was like wtf? @PiuPiuPENGUIN i'll be shocked if hes not gay Xp
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