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Park Sandara and Park Bom made a marketing team and they will be delivering important news and fun stories about their group through "Double Park TV" This is the intro video~~~ they look so adorable and fun!!! ^_^ can't wait!
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@daradara the clowns of 2ne1 tv xD i hope they show cl and minzy though otherwise i'll miss them "[
This looks like funnnnn >_< I think that they are super funny! I heard that Sandara is super shy though >_<
@alex9094 i think like if you met her as a friend she might be shy at first... but she has a really spunky and cute personality :3
@beeonka truee!! but i guess we can never tell by what is shown on TV but I think shes so bubbly and cute ^_^ ~
@alex9094 yup! Dara the cutest :3