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STORY TIME! So I'm on vacation and the first thing we did when we arrived to Kanab was go to this cafe. I got waffles because yumm. And surprise surprise, I broke the syrup dispenser... Why do I break everything?! That's all. I just wanted to update the list of things I break. Just imagine Namjoon and I being married... THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS
Lol I'mmà call you Destruction unnie or Monmon unnie😀😂
UPDATE: Night two and I broke a sink in a restaurant...
@SassyMaknae Oh no Monmon unnie did they find out it was you?
@NaBi7 Haha no, I left as soon as I could. I've seen so many Asians on this trip, it has been amazing! I wanted to go say hi to some people, but I am way too awkward.
@SassyMaknae Huehue that's good that you didn't get in trouble. My aunt also did something like that once. That so fun. Hope you have an awesome trip Monmon unnie!~