*Warning This Post Is Going To Be Really Angry* - YOU NOW IT'S REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING THAT ARMY STILL TREAT THE LEADER OF BTS LIKE HE'S NOT EVEN APART OF THE GROUP! - Calling him ugly....Witch he's no where near close to ugly! & it's sad because half the stupid fucking people that call him ugly either haven't hit property yet or GROWN ASS FUCKING ADULTS THAT DON'T HAVE A FUCKING LIFE! - The fact that the other members get way more recantation then the FUCKING LEADER IS SICKENING TO ME! - Everything the other members do get WAY MORE LIKES & HEARTS & RETWEETS! - AND FOR WHAT? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF TREATING NAMJOON LIKE SHIT!?! - The fact that Jungkook gets treated MORE like a FUCKING KING then the other members is SICKENING TO ME! - WITHOUT NAMJOON ... JUNGKOOK WOULDN'T WOULDN'T EVEN BE IN BTS! - LIKE CUT THAT SHIT OUT! - IF ANY & I MEAN ANY MEMBER WOULD JUST UP AND LEAVE LIKE ALL THESE OTHER GROUPS .... IT WOULDN'T BE THE SAME! - ps. I'M EXTREMELY PISSED OF RIGHT ABOUT NOW SO IGNORANT COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED & THAT'S REAL! - SO STOP ALL THE FUCK SHIT.... ASAP!
honestly i love rap monster. he really is a key member of bts cuz one HES THE LEADER!! out of all the members, he's literally the most mature, qualifying person to appoint. he reminds me of s.coups: he may not act like a leader, but he trusts his members so much that there aren't really any problems. but if theres a problem u can always trust him to be there for the boys and his fans. hes an amazing musician. hes one of my favorite rappers because hes so poetic and really puts what he says into consideration. hes funny and smart and idk i just love namjoon im proud that this man exists and please ARMY, appreciate namjoon. there really wouldnt be bts without him
also hes very good-looking like whoo!! his selfies~β€βœ¨πŸ‘Œ
for real tho he might not be my ub but hes freaking beautiful and if people cant see his effort that he puts into bts then they shouldnt really call themselves army
@candymonster30 i heard about that and honestly they need to let it go. that was like waay back when they were starting out and people are still mad about that. yet taeyeon called black people ugly back in the day and people are ok and leaving it alone. in the end, it really is about who's the best at everything (taeyeon, jungkook, etc.) and it really needs to stop
I did not even realize he is really disliked by others...I just knew some people disliked him after some comments about j-hope being tan