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Genre: Angst, Mafia/Spy Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: Swearing and some scenes of intimacy
You were determined to push Yoongi further after the encouragement from Kook. It was the evening by the time you decided exactly what you were doing. He was sat in his room as you slowly opened the door. "Gigi?" You hesitated, was this really the best way to do it? He groaned, "what is it Y/N?" "What do you mean by harsher?" He stood up and walked over to you, placing his hands on your arms gently. "Look, do you really want to bring this up now? We've known each other for ages, you should know me well enough by now" He seemed calmer than before. This isn't what you wanted but you somehow couldn't stop yourself. "Do you like me then?" His gaze changed from calm to taken back. "You're alright." You shut the door behind you. "No, not like that. You kissed me. That's what I'm on about. So do you like me?"
"I don't know!" He shifted back to where he was sat. Now it was easy. Easy to get under his skin and annoy him. "You can't kiss someone and not feel anything. Do. You. Like. Me?" You stepped closer to him so that you were leaning over where he was sat. "I don't know!" He yelled. A soft whimper came from his lips as he lightly rested his hands against your waist, "I don't know" His touch on your hips felt awkward. It sent a shiver through your body. "But I make you weak!" You bluntly stated. He looked up at you, anger filling his eyes. The one word that got him angry, 'weak'. "You?" He mocked. You nodded and his gaze softened. "Not always" A smile came to your face. Snap out of it Y/N, the plan to get him annoyed has failed now get out of there. Except, your legs didn't move. In fact, a part of you wanted to stay and so you did. You even tried to force yourself but it was like you were drawn to this boy and you couldn't disconnect.
You can't remember how you ended up kissing him again. It was almost a simultaneous movement. You went bent down to kiss him as his lips moved to yours. Weird. Again, it was a good feeling for you. It had almost become your drug. Your lips parted only for a moment as Yoongi spoke out, "sometimes you motivate me" And with that, your lips reattached themselves to his. His grip on your hip tightened as he almost flung you down onto the bed. Swiftly getting on top of you, his head moved down next to your ear, "this is what I meant by harsh" His lips attacked your neck not a second after he had finished speaking. Your heart was beating out of your chest. This plan to annoy Gigi had gone completely out of proportion and now here you two were, making out. It didn't feel right since you'd known each other for a long time, yet you kind of expected this to happen at some point.
Before you knew it, he was removing your shirt. Once you processed the situation, you tugged at the fabric to pull it back down. Yoongi looked confused at your actions. "Gigi, I-i can't do th-this with y-y-you" He seemed like he was still in a trance as he didn't move off for you. "Why? What's wrong?" That was it. You shoved him back and got up slightly. "We hate each other, that's what's wrong. Neither of us showed an interest in each other until 2 minutes ago, it just - feels wrong" You looked into each other's eyes, both were filled with regret. Yet, he was going to go back to kissing your neck. You put your hand out to stop him. "But we both enjoyed it, weirdly" he smirked, his deep voice sparking something inside of you. You couldn't deny, you had enjoyed making out with him. The problem was is that you didn't know the reason why. Whether you liked it because you had missed this type of physical connection or because you really needed some support at the moment. It just felt weird as you weren't sure whether you liked knowing that the person you made out with was Yoongi or not. Maybe you had pictured someone else in his place. You weren't sure!
You both sat upright next to each other on the bed. You refused to look him in the eye even though you could feel his glare in the side of your head. "When's the mission again?" You spoke up to break the awkward silence. "Is that all you think about? The fucking missions? You've gotta think about so many other things than just getting the job done!" You looked round at him, his expression was both angry and upset - you'd never seen him like this before. "Like what?" "Like what if you freaking died! That's what!" You paused, why did he care so much? If you died, he'd be your father's heir, that's everything Yoongi ever wanted. That's one of the reasons why you thought he didn't like you, because you were going to be left in charge of the business. "What would you care if I died?" "Are you serious? You're the most entertaining bit of my life. Annoying other people just isn't as fun and k-" He stopped but the look you gave encouraged him to carry on. "And k-kissing you is the best relief I've ever had." His slow words soaked into your mind.
You rested your head on his shoulder, "how did we get here Gi? I remember resting my head on your shoulder after the first test we took, now look at us" He nodded slightly, "nothing's changed really has it?" No, it hadn't. He was still around unlike other people you made friends with. Well, BamBam and Jun had both moved on from the organisation and never came back. Then there was Dino, Youngjae, Victoria and Tiffany. They all died along the way. Sad times but you were forced to move on. You twisted to face him, his eyes were still facing forward. You planted a kiss on his cheek and returned to leaning on his shoulder. "Maybe I should go..." You solemnly said. He nudged you off his shoulder so that you look directly at each other. "Why?" His voice was soft. "The ur... I need to sleep for tomorrow" "Oh yeah, the briefing thing etcetera" You walked towards the door but stopped to turn back and look at Gigi.
You eventually closed the door and headed back to your room. A figure stopped you, "there wasn't much shouting! Did you even annoy him?" It was Jungkook of course. "No, the plan failed Jeon, he's a bit annoyed but no more so then he was earlier" He pouted his bottom lip at you. "But you still owe me a favour." You added. You passed him and got to your room. You quickly shut the door behind you and collapsed on your bed. All your emotions collapsed with you on the bed, it was like you'd been emotionally drained. Did Yoongi love you? Did you love Yoongi? These 2 questions spun around your head. If neither of you felt anything, then surely you wouldn't have been kissing in the first place. You just needed to focus on something else. It wasn't going to be easy - for god's sake you were leading a team with him. If you two couldn't keep your hands off each other, the mission could easily fail or worse... You had to contain yourself. But after what happened, it didn't seem like being civil would be the easiest option.
I honestly can't wait for the next chapter 馃槶馃檹馃徎 yoongi tho!!
tag me in the future chapters! I love this so much
Omg yes!!!! he they can release some stress with each other kekeke I can't wait for the next chapter.
So what if Xiumin, Amber, Jackson, Woozi, Yoongi, BamBam, Jun, Dino, Tiffany, Youngjae and Victoria were all in a group together? That would be weird but cool.
omg too many feels! ohhh they kissed again n yoongi omg! I'm dead!
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