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I seem to always wake up to see that the boys have been on Twitter. Of course the first one I chose is this young man who is my kryptonite. And it doesn't help when you're half awake and.....Jimin stop please.....I know I'm half awake but I know what you're doing and NO young man! Check out @BTS_twt's Tweet:
Then this little shit. Sorry it is my nickname for him when he randomly sings and omg so many feels in one Check out @BTS_twt's Tweet:
then you have Jin Oppa who is really happy to share his food with us. Oh you just want to share with me? No oppa I want you to share with everyone who sees this. Check out @BTS_twt's Tweet:
@Choijiah Yea I wasn't fully awake when I saw it but still freaked like no boy you need to stop Cuz I can't have you lol
Omg yes these butthead had me freaking out this morning
@SarahVanDorn yup Jimin did that and *sigh* yea