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Pairing: Reader X J-Hope Rated: M Warning: THIS CONTAINS, DEPRESSION, ABUSE, LANGAUGE, HINTS AT SUICIDE. A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. Hope you enjoy.
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Jungkook POV Jimin was my bestfriend, he was like my brother. I could tell him anything and he would listen. He was there for me since mom died and when that son of bitch started abusing us. "Hey man how's everything at home" Jimin asked. "It gotten worst. Y/N has been getting hit more, frequently. That pisses me off. Why am I so weak, I should be able to protect my sister. I should be protecting her not her protecting me. I wish,there was a way to do that." "There is a way" Jimin exclaimed. "How?" "I have a friend Taehyung that you can get some protection from. I can call him for you" said Jimin. "Ok" I have some money save up from my after school job that Y/N doesn't know about. Y/N POV I told him everything from when mom died up until now. I told him about what took place that night and he became extremely angry. He tried hard not to show it but as I was talking he kept clenching his jaw. "Why haven't you called the police" he asked. "I can't. They would take Jungkook away since he is still a minor. It would be hard to get him back. I have no money for a lawyer. I know the system is broken and he can be sent far away. If I lose him I have nothing left." I started to cry again. "Ok so where is your brother now?" he questioned. " At friend's house and is going to school from there." I look at the time, its 5:46 am. "Oh I have to go to work." I try to get up but he stops me. He looks at me with those pleading eyes once again. He says "You are not going. I took care of that when we were at the hospital." "How did you know where I work at?" "I had someone look into you for me." also will send a driver to pick up your brother after school" he said. I respond, " Thank You Mr. Jung." " No problem and call me me Hoseok." After talking I felt less stressed and he helped me to the bed. I fall asleep quickly. I wake up to a yelling Hoseok. " What the fuck do you mean he's not at school." I walked in the living room to see what was going on. He said "Sorry did I wake you up? "No it's ok" " We have a problem. My driver could not find Jungkook at school.They said he left early and went home." He said. " But why would he go home. If he is sick he would call the job for me. Can you give me a ride to my house to see if he is there?" "Yes" he said. We got in his car and went to my place. Jungkook POV "Here it is it's a 34' caliber revolver pistol." Taehyung said as he is explaining to me how to use it . He gave me the gun under one condition. I could not tell where I got the gun from if I was caught. Finally I will get that bitch while Y/N is at work. I fake. like l am sick to get sent home early. It is 10am he should a still be home. This time I will protect you Y/N. I enter the house and fire a warning shot to wake him up. Y/N POV I hope Jungkook is ok and safe. As we pull up to the house I hear a loud popping noise. I quickly got out the car and entered the house. There I find a crying Kookie with a gun pointed at our father.

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Nooooo Kookie!! Your life is over if you do it!!
Kookie don't do anything that you are going to regret
Omg don't do It kookie! please Tage me in the next chapter!!!
this story is going good can u plzz tag 😊
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