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ok i just have to share this crazy dream I had. So I go to this place for massages because it helps my back and muscles, so I finish my massage and I go back to the waiting room cuz i dont have a ride home yet. THEN freakin V from BTS walks in and goes to sit by an exo member who was sitting on the other side of the room. There are a few other fans there too so everyone starts taking pictures. Then Jhope shows too and then a group of fans start getting a little too close so Jhope is trying to protect V and getting everyone to back off a bit. im still on the other side of the room & tried to take some pictures from afar but wasnt working out.
So THEN freakin Super Junior members Eunhyuk Donghae & Heechul show up ans sit by where v, jhope, and exo member are. And then Jin and Rap Monster are there too and i took a pic and got funny face from rap monster so i show the fan sitting next to me. BUT wait! its gets crazier Guess who else shows up!?
Youngjae and Mark from GOT7 are standing near the other kpop stars and im just like omg members from 3 of my top favorite groups are here!!! And i excitedly tell the fan next to me who is not interested in me at all lol Then a sasaeng fan is going crazy so members are really pushing the small grouo of fans back away from them. This is where it gets really crazy for me lol
Youngjae and Mark walk over to where i am after passing the front desk and youngjae comes over and steps in front of me. He looks at me and doesnt say anything but then smiles and moves over to step in front of the fan next to me. I wanted to say something to my GOT7 bias but nothing came out. So while Youngjae is in front of the other fan, Mark steps in front of me, gives me this look (i dont remember exactly what look) and then just pokes my face with his pinky finger... smiles and then they walk away back to the other idols.
This is the craziest part guys.... So suddenly BTS member Jin walks over to me and sits down next to me! I dont remember how the convo started exactly but I said his name in a sentence and responded saying my name like he knew my name already, i thought i waa wearing a name tag or something but looked down and i wasnt (i think at this point my mind was like ah~ this is a dream) So Jin is talking to me in his cute broken English and has to pause sometimes to find the correct words. So i start talking about how 3 of my favorite kpop groups are here and its so cool. I dont remember how he responded but I think i talked about how i couldnt get any good pictures. So Jin pulls my hand up with my phone and i look at him and ask if i could take a picture with him? He said yes of course so we take a handful of pictures together. He started explaining to me how all the guys (kpop idols at this massage place right now) are going to go play some kind of game and he needs to keep score and whatnot. So Jin asked me if he could have a notebook and pencil. i look through my backpack and give him a notebook and pencil. He thanks me and i dont remember thr rest of the convo before he left.
This was the exo member that was there. lol i had to look him up cuz i dont know exo members very well but it was Sehun. But to end this dream. apparently two hours past and then my gma picked me up so i get in the car and i tell her this was the best possible day to get a massage. THE END lol oh the dreams a kpop fan has! Legit sat there talking to Jin like he was a friend but felt so nervous inside cuz it was Jin! and got pictures with him!? Man that would crazy to happen in real life. Have you guys had any crazy dreams like this?