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Reader//Jinjin You had been dating JinJin for a while now, about nine months. The boys of Astro had debuted and they had done their final show one or two months ago. They were allowed to have a tiny break before they began to record again, which meant that JinJin would always be at your apartment with you, cooking dinner with you, watching movies, trying to make you laugh. JinJin was the boyfriend that lived to make you smile, no matter what the cost. The only problem about you and JinJin was that the public was not allowed to know. Hed have to sneak over at two or three in the morning, just to leave a couple of hours later. You two would always text, but when in public he was never allowed to call you. You werent allowed to wear any of the sweaters he left at your house in fear that the fans may recognize it. And to put it quite frankly, JinJin was sick of it. All he wanted to do was show you off, take you out on dates to your favorite places, like the park or the coffee shop. But, being the leader of Astro, he wasnt allowed to disobey the rules at all. He had to set a precedent for the younger boys, so they wont act out when they have girlfriends. But the fact that he was unable to take you out somewhere nice on your eight month anniversary made him angry beyond belief. "Jagi, im sorry," he sighed softly, running his hands through his hair as he leaned against the door frame, the sun slowly rising through the clouds. "I wish I could stay longer." "I wish you could too, JinJin", you sighed, hugging his waist softly as he pressed soft kisses in your hair. "But you cant. Ill see you tomorrow though, yeah?" He nodded softly, wrapping his arms around your shoulders before pressing a quick kiss to your lips. "Of course. I love you." "I love you more", you hummed, releasing his torso from your grip, "now go home and get some rest." Once he had left, you had decided to take a nap. You slept for a long while, the sun now fully out when you woke. This often happened when JinJin came over; you falling asleep around five in the morning, to be woken up at around one in the afternoon. You got up and decided to get dressed, deciphering that it would be a good dat to run errands. You dressed simply; in a pair of light washed jeans and a tank top, the warm weather finally coming back this month, allowing you to break out your summer clothes. Once you were finished, you heard your doorbell ring. Confused as to who it may be, not remembering if you had invited anyone over today, you hesitantly walked down the hallway and to the livingroom, slowly making your way towards the door. You swung it open, to find a smiling JinJin in front of you, a varsity type jacket over his shoulders as he held out some flowers. "Happy nine month anniversary." "JinJin!" you gasped, pulling him inside of your apartment and closing the door behind him, "why are you here at this time?" "Because im sick of hiding you", he said softly, putting the flowers on the side table and taking your hand in his. "Youre my girlfriend. Im proud to say that. Im lucky to have such a beautiful, smart, and lovely girl like you for myself. And im sick of not being able to show you off. So, today, I dont care. Its our nine month anniversary and we havent gone out on one date yet." Your heart fluttered at his words, his fingers intertwining yours as he pulled you towards the door. "Now, no ifs, ands, or butts about it. The boys all agreed with me when I said that we deserve some time out, and I know you agree too. So, were going to go get some ice cream." Without any further questions, JinJin pulled you out of your apartment, locking the door behind you both. You two walked hand in hand down the streets of Seoul, him cracking jokes to make you smile. It was a beautiful day out today, and although you were scared about what hell he was going to get after this, you were happy he decided to take you out today. Fans took pictures of you both, gasping and asking if you two were dating, to which JinJin happily answered, "yes! Isnt my jagi beautiful?" While eating your ice cream, JinJin got a call. "Its from my manager, he murmured, should I answer it?" "You have to", you said, scooping the last bit of your ice cream out of your container as he nodded. The conversation was short, JinJins face looking similar to a ghosts complexion as he hung up. "She wants both of us at the Fantagio office." You both made your was to Fantagio hand in hand. You walked through the doors, Astros manager waiting with all of the other boys as well as the heads of the company. You suddenly felt nervous; you didnt think that this would get all of the other boys involved, and you felt guilty as they didnt deserve to be punished for your silly antics. JinJin, a man in a suit said as you all sat down in a large room. You sat in between JinJin and MyungJun, the boy who introduced you two to each other in the first place. "Im very disappointed in you." "Im sorry", JinJin said softly, "but I hate having to hide my girlfriend. The fans seemed to love her everywhere we went!" "Regardless of whether some fans liked her or not most fans would rather you be single. This could prove to be detrimental to your sales." "Who cares about the sales?" JinJins jaw clenched, his hands bawling into fists on top of his legs, "Isnt my happiness more important than the sales?" You took JinJins hand in yours, it immediately unballing as you intertwined your fingers with his in attempts to calm him down. "You all have been working very hard to get where you are, JinJin. You are putting your bands name in jeopardy. You are setting a horrible example for Sanha and Rocky by breaking your rules. You need to take your job seriously." "I do take it seriously", he said lowly, not wanting to completely disrespect his elder, "I wake all of the boys up everyday, i come in everyday at least an hour before the rest of them and practice, I make sure theyre eating and well rested, I make sure they are all behaving, I make sure each recording session goes down smoothly, all the while keeping everyone happy. Dont i deserve happiness?" The boys all nodded in agreement towards JinJin, not wanting to speak up but still showing that JinJin was correct in what he was saying. "You do", the man said, "which is why we allowed you two to date in the first place. But this is unacceptable. Im sorry JinJin but youre going to have to end your relationship with (Y/N) if you want to continue to be in this band." Your heart sunk at the mans words, tears beginning to form in your eyes as both JinJin and myungjun took holds of your hands. You blinked back your tears and looked at JinJin. "Now, thats a little unfair", their manager spoke up, "(Y/N) has been making JinJin very happy, which causes positive energy around them and allows them to bring that positive energy to the stage and perform better." "We all love (Y/N)", Myungjun spoke up, "She is so sweet and kind and she keeps our leader happy. Isnt that worth anything?" "I will not be breaking up with (Y/N)." JinJin spoke up. "She means the world to me. If that means that im fired, then so be it. I refuse to let her go." You looked at him softly, eyes wide as he turned his head to meet your gaze. He smiled at you softly, "Ill always choose you." "If JinJin hyung is leaving, then so am I", Moon Bin spoke up, "its unfair that you make them hide their relationship." Soon, all of the boys stood up, agreeing that they wont be in the band if JinJin isnt there with them. You covered your eyes, heart breaking at the sight of all of them giving up their dreams for you. Myungjun rubbed your back softly as he spoke, "(Y/N) is a part of us. She makes us all happy, and if you take away JinJin and his happiness then you lose us as well." Soon, the man stood up, eyes wide as he groaned, "No, all you just, sit down. Im sure we can work this out." "Not if you make me chose between the band and (Y/N)", JinJin spoke up, "I will always choose her." It took a lot of persuasion, but soon the man agreed. You and JinJin didnt have to hide your relationship anymore, which made everyone in the room burst out in smiles. Once you all left the room, you gave each boy a tight hug, tears streaming down your face. You have never had friends like this in your life, friends who cared and loved you so so much, and you were eternally grateful to have them. "What about me?" JinJin asked, arms opened as yours were wrapped around Sanha. Sanha smiled, gently pushing you off of him. "I love you noona, but go hug JinJin hyung before he screams." You giggled softly, walking into JinJins arms and pressing a soft kiss to his lips, his arms circling around your waist and pulling you flush against him. "I love you so much", he murmured, nuzzling his nose into your neck, "I will always choose you."
Omg it has been forever!! Ive been so busy and Im finally out of school and passed my lifeguard test. Im a certified lifeguard and man the trading was not easy.

Credit: @dotbammie

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