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Anyeong~~~ Its me and I'm back with another Kpop girl group. For todays card we'll be looking at kpop's newest girl group, April. So like last card, I'll first introduce the members then give a bit of their history and then talk about their most recent comebacks April is DSP's newest girl group debuted last year in 2015.The group's name means "girl you can't help but love" because "A" represents the best and "Pril" means a lovable girl. Their fandom name is Fineapple. DSP explained that it's a combination of "Fine" (which they say means "good") plus "Apple", which they state is a shortened form of "April"


SoMin is the oldest member of April and was born on August 22nd, 1996. She plays the role of Leader and lead vocalist of April, and, fun fact, she was originally a member of Puretty. She appeared in the show Kara Project and was featured in Epik Highs mv, Born Hater. Her hobbies are watching movies and listening to music. If you wanna know more about our cute leader, her twitter is @jsy3774. Unfortunately as I just learned, SoMin has left April two months after they debuted.


Unfortunately, theres not much about Chaewon that I could fine but I'll try my best^^ Chaewon is the lovely main vocalist of April and was born on November 8th, 1997. Her hobbies are singing, she was part of the group Puretty and she appeared on the show Kara Project like SoMin.


Theres even less that I could find on HyunJoo save for her birthday, position and stage name. She was born on Febuary 5th, 1998 and her position is vocalist and main dancer.


NaEun is the pretty visual of April, although honestly, theyre all beautiful^♡^ She was born on May 5th 1999 and is the 4th oldest member of April along with the main vocalist. She was originally part of JYP Entertainment, and for you who like Got7, you might recognize her from their Stop Stop It mv.


She was born May 22nd, 2000 (only two days and two years older than me^^) and is the lead dancer of April. Yena is known to be a massive fangirl of F(x)'s krystal (She's a fangirl like us!)


Jinsol was born December 4th, 2001 and is the cute maknae of April. Her hobbies are browsing for songs, listening to music and singing in the mirror (so basically she's a music addict like most of us>•<). She was formerly a trainee of JYP and is bestfriends with Twice's Chayeong


April debuted August 24th, 2015 with their mini album titled, Dreaming and the title track, Dream Candy. On November 9th SoMin left the group to pursue her studies and DSP announced the girls would continue as a 5 member group. On October 26th, April's first reality program debuted (link to playlist down below) Songs Dream Candy- August 2015 Muah-November 2015 Snowman-December 2015 Tinkerbell- April 2016

Recent comebacks

April most recently made a comeback with their song Tinkerbell. The song and accompanying mini album, titled Spring, were released April 27th
[EngSub] April Reality - Here goes April: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAdTqYnCBPZvkMCcudDFYoK65E4biOLhU What do you guys think? Whos your favorite member, and whats your favorite song? My favorite member is JinSol and my favorite song is Snowman ❄❄ Sorry this card isnt as long as snsd's was, theyre such a new group its hard to find stuff on them. Oh well I hope you enjoyed this card, and who knows, maybe some of you guys will become Fineapples xD. I know I am~  @mrsjeon  @johnevans @vixxstarlight1 @Vkookie47 @IsoldaPazo @stefanitre @SimplyAwkward  @reyestiny93  @marisamus
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