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Genre: Angst, CEO au Pairing: Jimin x Reader Length: 3763 words Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list. Part: 3/? “How was the dinner?”, Jungkook asked in the car the next day. He asked quietly, so Hoseok and Taehyung couldn’t hear. I doubt they’d be able to hear us anyway, Taehyung was rambling so loud. I glanced at him. “He cancelled.” Jungkook had texted me last night to ask about it, but I wasn’t in the mood to reply, and ended up ignoring him. Jungkook raised his eyebrows. “Was he still pissed at you? “Looks that way. But seriously Jungkook, it’s only just dawned on me that our boss is a dick.” I said that loud enough for the other two to hear, and all three snorted in amusement. “Took you long enough”, Hoseok chuckled. “Is that party tonight?” Taehyung asked us. I drew a blank. “What party?” We were stuck in some traffic, so even Hoseok turned to stare at me. “What?, I asked utterly clueless. “We all have to dress up smart and go to that really fancy venue? It’s like a get-together for all of Jimin’s major clients.” I face-palmed, remembering the prestigious event our company held once a year. “That’s tonight? Oh shit. I completely forgot. I have nothing to wear!” “I have a spare bin-liner”, Taehyung offered, and I glared at him. I turned to Jungkook. “You reckon it’s compulsory to go?” He laughed. “He probably won’t miss us, but you’d definitely have to go. Think of all the previous events y/n. He shows off his secretaries like they’re his prized possessions.” Yeah, cus they looked like models. But I’m just me. But I didn’t say that out loud of course. I looked around desperately to all of them. “Guys, please tell me you’re coming. I’m not spending the whole evening bored shitless.” Hoseok nodded eagerly. “I’m definitely going. The food there is always amazing, and it’s all pre-paid.” I laughed. It was typical of him to go because of free food. Taehyung and Jungkook nodded in agreement, as Hoseok pulled into the car park. My stomach tightened at the sight of the building, because at the back of my mind, I couldn't help but think that Jimin would still be pissed at what I said to him last night. I thought it best to just avoid him as much as I could today. We all got out and trudged inside. Yet another day. As usual, we said ‘bye’ to Hoseok and Taehyung first. “See you guys at lunch”, Jungkook called as the lift doors shut. I groaned, pinching my forehead with my thumb and forefinger, and Jungkook snickered quietly next to me. “It’s not funny”, I scolded, even thought I was smiling myself. “I really don’t want to go to this party.” Jungkook nodded in understanding. Jimin would always borderline embarrass his secretaries at these stupid events, practically groping them for the world to see. And those girls actually liked it. I grimaced at the thought, but quickly changed my expression as the doors slid open. “Guess I’ll see you later”, he sighed, off to start another days work. I don’t know what compelled me, but I pulled him into a hug. I think it was because I remembered Jimin’s words regarding Jungkook last night. Asking me if I wanted him fired. I felt terrible that he was being scrutinised in this way. Being Jungkook, he hugged me back instantly. “I’ll see you later”, I replied. “Don’t have too much fun without me.” He laughed as I let go. “I’ll try.” And with that he walked away to his workspace. I scanned the bulletin board and sure enough... Party this evening- 7:00 pm! Dress to impress! We must maintain a good image for our lovely clients, after all! All I could think was...who put that notice up there? Updating the bulletin board was my job. Perhaps Jimin had done it himself as soon as he arrived this morning. The next thing I thought was who the fuck wrote it? Like, how many exclamation marks do you need? I reluctantly made my way to his office to find out today’s duties. I was already on a downer from this whole party business. I didn’t want any attention on me whatsoever. I hope by now Jimin realised that I wasn’t like his usual barbie dolls. I walked in and Jimin was stood, hands in pockets, staring out the window. His back was turned to me, and he must have been deep in thought- or ignoring my presence completely- because he didn’t turn around until I said “Good morning.” He turned to face me, his expression completely stoic. “Morning y/n. I was waiting for you to arrive. I have something for you.” He disappeared into a little side-room, where he kept his personal filing cabinets and office supplies. I stood there, hands clasped, anticipating what he was going to come out with. I wasn’t expecting him to be carrying the most beautiful black dress I’d ever laid eyes on. My eyes widened at the sight. That shit wasn’t cheap, even I knew that. “This is for you. I want you to wear it at the event tonight.” Well, I was just about to ask him if I had to go, but after he just bought that dress out, asking him that would be just plain rude. “For me? Oh wow, I mean...You really shouldn’t have...”. “Don’t you like it?” “I love it!”, I exclaimed. I was getting flustered at the gesture. “But really, you didn’t have to go to the trouble.” “I want my secretary to look perfect”, he replied, his dark eyes roaming my whole body. “I’ll leave it here. Collect it at the end of the day. You can get ready at home then come to the event.” I nodded, still shocked by his generosity. I proceeded to start my tasks, mind still reeling. That dress even looked like it was in my size. Jimin was so confusing. He would get intimate, then he’d push me away. And now he had bought me the most expensive item of clothing I had ever seen. I had to go one floor down to look for a couple of files. Jimin had an alphabetised system, and letters L to P were one floor down- I needed ‘O’. The first person I saw, thankfully, was Hoseok. He was taking a call, so I waited for him to finish.I only really knew my own floor well, all the others where still alien to me. “..Right..OK, thank you sir, that’s fantastic. Thank you. I’ll forward you the details via email. Yes, today. OK, goodbye... Bye.” He placed the phone down, and turned to me, all smiles. “New client. Some guy called Jin. I invited him to the party.” I grinned. “The more the merrier. Listen Hoseok, help me out? Where are the cabinets under the letter ‘O’?” He pointed across the room,standing up, when his phone started ringing again. He sighed, sitting back down. “Go through the door at the end and turn left. I‘d take you, but...”, he gestured at the phone, before answering. I quietly thanked him before rushing off. On my way, I spotted Taehyung and waved. Contrary to Hoseok, he looked like he was relaxing. Just as Hoseok said, there they were. I thumbed through and found the relevant files, before rushing back up to my floor. Jimin wasn’t in his office, so I left the files in a neat stack on his desk. Next task- lay out everything for Jimin’s next meeting which was in fifteen minutes. I put out the snacks and water bottles, along with his agenda and required paperwork in his seat. The sun was coming in so I partially put the blinds down. I wiped the whiteboard, covered in scribbles from the last meeting and made sure the computer was on in case anyone was giving a powerpoint. This is what I had been reduced to. These mind-numbing tasks that anyone could carry out, qualifications or not. Secretaries were definitely overrated. This is how the day went, task after mindless text. When lunch came round, Jimin was still in his meeting, so I sat in his office alone. I texted Jungkook to say I was still working. Yes, it was a lie, but I wasn’t risking being seen with him again. Jimin would flip and do something rash like fire him. And I wouldn’t be able to handle that. Again the evening was pretty uneventful, and I actually finished early. I met Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook outside after grabbing the dress. Jimin’s office was empty-yet again. I wonder where the hell he went to for most of the day. I had literally spent more time in his office that he had today. They were in a rush because we basically had an hour to get dropped off, change, then to get picked up again. Naturally, Hoseok was the one rushing the most. “Hurry y/n, we’re already tight for time.” I scurried over, all of us climbing in. For once, I got to sit at the front, as Taehyung and Jungkook were having a conversation of their own. “Did you actually leave work to go shopping?”, Hoseok asked me as he drove out the car park. “Huh?”, I looked at him, not understanding. “The dress. You said this morning you had nothing to wear and now you’e got a dress”, he clarified. “Oh, this? No, Jimin bought it for me.” Hoseok’s eyes widened, just like mine had. “I know. I was shocked too.” “Shocked about what?”, Taehyung interrupted. I rolled my eyes and repeated what I had told Hoseok. Both boys were staring, mouth open. “No way. You’ve literally just started working for him as his secretary...It’s a nice dress though I suppose.” Taehyung started talking about how good ‘Mr Park’s’ taste was and how the dress looked really expensive, but money probably wasn’t an issue for him. “Oh my god y/n, what if that’s his way of hitting on you?!” I was willing that Hoseok would speed up and I could get home quicker. He always picked me up last, which meant obviously, he would drop me off first. “Kim Taehyung, you talk too much”, I grumbled in response, slumping in my seat. He just giggled like a hyperactive kid. Jungkook on the other hand, had gone really quiet. Taehyung was probably giving him a headache too. “It’s very...nice of him”, Hoseok spoke carefully. “Nice?”, I rolled my eyes. “I mean, yeah I appreciate the sentiment, but isn't it a little strange that he dished out so much money on one dress for one event?” Hoseok just shrugged. “Maybe it’s his way of saying welcome to the job?” I snorted as he pulled up into my drive, and clambered out quickly, knowing how little time we had. “Y/n, I’ll be back to get you in about 45 minutes, so make sure you’re ready for then.” I nodded, saying a quick ‘bye’ and shut the door, hurriedly going upstairs. I went the whole nine yards- shaved, showered, did my hair, neutral make-up so I didn’t over do it. My hands were a little shaky and I messed up a few times- I hardly ever wore make-up unless it was for a special occasion. Finally, the dress was on. I found some matching shoes and to my relief, they were the tiniest heels, so I wouldn't trip and fall to my death. I managed to rummage around and find a small black clutch, big enough for my phone and keys. And to finish it off, a matching black necklace. Outfit complete,with just less than five minutes to spare, I looked in the full body mirror I kept propped up in my room. I certainly looked...different, for want of a better word. Hopefully it would be enough for Jimin’s prestigious clients. I had never worried about what I wore to these events before, but that was because I was in the background- all us office workers would get grouped together at the side. I swear we were only there to make up numbers and make Jimin look more impressive. But it worked- the number of clients increased threefold in the last two years combined. I heard Hoseok honk his horn outside, signalling to me that he was here, and wasting no time, i grabbed the clutch and made my way outside. I locked my door, turned around and giggled at the three astounded faces before me. Taehyung was back in the front, and Jungkook behind. I made my way to the car, feeling rather self-conscious and got in next to Jungkook. “Wow boys, you all look amazing!”, I smiled. All thee were in black tuxedos, with matching bow-ties. And all three looked really handsome. “Woah y/n, so do you”, Jungkook breathed. “For once”, Taehyung added, ruining the moment. Hoseok started the engine before I could reply to Taehyung’s snide comment and set off. “I;m actually surprised you were ready in time y/n”, he called. “Same”, I laughed. “I thought I’d at least take an hour. You guys were quick too.” “We don’t have to do much”, Taehyung interjected. “Like, I didn’t even shower. Deodorant, Suit, sort out hair, done.” I wrinkled my nose in disgust. “Thanks for letting me know Taehyung.” “How long do we have to be there?”, Jungkook asked, finally speaking. “Isn’t it 7 till 10?”, Hoseok replied. “That’s what the staff emails said.” “Till 10? I swear these get longer every damn year”, I groaned. We got there at 7 on the dot, and it was already busy. The car par for the venue was full, so Hoseok had to park out on the street and the four of us walked down. Jungkook and Hoseok were in front and Taehyung beside me. “Let’s just stick together”, Taehyung said to me. “It’ll make the evening go a hell of a lot faster.” And for once I agreed with him I spotted Jimin as soon as we got there. He was talking to a small group of three women and two men, so I decided to keep my distance. He was going to have to spend this whole evening talking to clientèle. Regardless, I still kept stealing glances because he looked good. Like, he looked...words can’t even describe how he looked. The four of us stood in a group, and Hoseok was telling us some story about how he flirted with a married woman at last years event (he didn’t know she was married), when a voice from behind me interrupted. “Ah, I recognise that voice!” I turned to find a blonde man, smiling at Hoseok, and was instantly confused. And so was Hoseok by the looks of it. The man was stunning, I couldn’t help but notice, as he raked his fingers through his hair and came to join us. “I spoke to you on the phone just this morning? You were the one who invited me, I’m sure. Hoseok, right?” I watched as Hoseok tried to remember, and I knew he finally did when I small smile appeared on his face. He extended his hand out to greet the stranger. “Ah yes! Welcome! Jon, right?” The man’s smile wavered a little. “It’s Jin. But thank you for the invite. This place is beautiful.” And with that he let go of Hoseok’s hand and sauntered off. I waited until Jin was at a good enough distance to not hear. “Jon!”, I giggled, clutching my sides. Hoseok’s face was already slightly red, and me, Jungkook and Taehyung weren’t helping his embarrassment.”He even remembered your name”, Jungkook laughed. “And his was only three letters!”, Taehyung wheezed.“Alright guys, shut up”, Hoseok laughed with us, fanning his face with his hand. It was another our before my feet started aching. “Guys there’s an empty table over there, please let’s go sit”, I pleaded. Thankfully, they all needed to sit. We were all too used to desk jobs. We sat there, happily chatting away. This really didn’t feel any different to when we met at the cafe, except it was a little fancier. I was reaching out for another profiterole when a tall man stopped by our table. I looked up to see another handsome face gazing back down at me. “Y/n, right? Can I talk to you for a bit? I’m a new client of Park Jimin’s”, he said. His voice was so deep and alluring. I nodded. “Sure.” To the guys I said, “Be right back.” “Yes, is there anything I can help you with?”, I asked pleasantly, as we walked along. “You’re the new secretary aren’t you. I know you’re new because I had a meeting with Jimin only three days ago and he had that blonde bimbo with him.” I turned to him, a smile on my face. “Yes, I’m new. I’ve been at the company for a while but Sir made me his secretary only a couple of days ago.” He slowly came to a stop and gently wiped the corner of my mouth with his thumb. “Sorry, you had a bit of chocolate there”, he murmured. My cheeks started to heat up from the contact, and also from my stupidity. “Sorry”, I apologised. “My name’s Kim Namjoon by the way. I’m also a CEO. Rival to Jimin, if you like.” I recognised his name immediately. “Rival? But I was the one who typed out your welcome letter a couple of days back. Why would you become a client of your rivals company?” He cocked his head, a small frown settling on his face, and I knew I’d gone too far. “I-i’m sorry, it’s none of my concern..I was ju-” “-Don’t apologise. I like people asking questions. Shows they pay attention. Plus, you’re smart. In no position to be a godamn secretary. I over heard you earlier, telling your colleague how to fix his computer.” That was Taehyung. His computer at work had got really glitchy and the software was lagging, so I had told him how to fix the issue. “And in answer to your question. He wanted to collaborate with me on a new project. You must know Jimin, always looking to make more money. But in order for the deal to go through, we would have to become each others clients. As soon as the project is complete, the contract is terminated.” I nodded, understanding what he was saying. “I wanted to talk to you to say there’s a place in my company for individuals like you. To my knowledge he fired four women. Three of them came to me for a job. And I turned down all three.” I was surprised at how blunt he was being. “Only a matter of time before he gets bored of you too sweetheart.” He reached in his pocket and thrust a small card at me. “My details”, he muttered. I hastily shoved it in my clutch in case anyone saw. “I’ve taken on some people from Jimin’s company before. He’s foolishly let some good people go. A certain Mr Min Yoongi comes to mind.” I gasped. Yoongi worked for this guy? Wow, he had done well. I almost jumped out of my skin when I hand slid around my waist. “Good evening.” I looked up at Namjoon and he was actually doing a good job of masking his displeasure at Jimin for interrupting the conversation. “Evening”, Namjoon replied, all smiled. I noticed his little dimple and found myself smiling with him. “I’ll leave you guys to it. Nice to meet you y/n.” “And you Mr Kim.” “Call me Namjoon.” And with a wink he walked off. I watched him scan the crowd for someone else he knew when I heard Jimin breathe in my ear, “I’ve been looking for you all evening”, he growled quietly, tightening his grip on my waist. “You looked busy”, I said, turning to him. “So I left you to it.” “You’re my secretary. Why the hell are you going around talking to clients?” I pushed his hand away in a subtly manner, so no one noticed. I didn’t like the way I was being looked down on. “Namjoon’s only a short term client. Plus he’s the one who got me up from my friends to talk to me.” “Don’t call him that. He’s not your best friend. And what else did he tell you?” “Nothing. You appeared and he walked off.” Jimin was suddenly smirking at me. “What is it?” “I knew that dress would look good on you”, he hummed approvingly. “I have good taste, even if I do say so myself.” He was about to say something else, but a beautiful woman came to greet him and he got talking to her. Five minutes into their conversation, I slowly started backing away, seeing as they were both acting like I didn’t exist. I wasn’t going to let Jimin treat me like this, so I found my place next to the boys and sat back down. “What was all that about?” Jungkook asked. “That man was Kim Namjoon, CEO. Offered me a job”, I laughed at the craziness of it. “Said I was better than just a secretary. Hey, did you guys know Yoongi works for him?” They all shook their hands. “We know he’s doing well, but we didn’t know it was that well”, Taehyung marvelled. “What else did he tell you?” “Nothing because Jimin appeared and he walked off. Apparently they’re rivals, but working on some project together.” Hoseok scoffed. “Like they need more money.” I nodded in silent agreement. “What, and you just walked away from Jimin?”, Jungkook asked in mild disbelief. “Well...yeah kinda. He got talking to someone and I wasn’t just gonna stand there feeling useless, so I came back.” “And that was your mistake.” Jimin’s voice made me whirl around. He was staring at me with hostility. He was ignoring the boys, his sole attention on me. “You’re walking on very thin ground Miss y/n. I suggest if you don’t want to get on my bad side, you do what I pay you to do. Get up.” He was speaking quietly enough for only the four of us to hear, but I still felt humiliated as I slowly rose to my feet. “You will stay with me for the remainder of the evening, is that clear?” I swallowed and whispered, “Yes sir.” He walked away and I reluctantly followed. I turned back to see a shocked Taehyung and a very annoyed Jungkook and Hoseok. Before I could even say ‘see you’, Jimin had placed his hand in mine and was dragging me away.
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damn jimin clingy much kidding lol but wow joonie and chimchim enemies?? thats a first and wow yoongie working for namjoon wow and jin a new client wow just wow man i love it
jimin better quit his shit. I don't know how I feel about him
What an ass he is and kookie might have a thing for y/n
well jimin you're either jealous or you're a real dick =_= asbfjsnvdnsuxkdudjxijddudjdkshk!
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