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Alright, I am here volunterring at my very first convention. Boy, is it a huge undertaking. I have learned a great many things. People, I know it sounds weird, take care if yourselves when you are at these conventions. I dont just mean be safe and watch out for people that are looking to harm you. There is A LOT going on. You get caught and forget to drink or eat, sit down or rest. MAN, HAVE I MADE THOSE MISTAKES. These people are amazing, normally I am very introverted and shy. But being surrounded by "my people " has been a geeat experience and you learn SO MUCH just by talking. You run into the assholes, I have met a few, don't let them ruin it for you. But like I said, I am new to this. So, I have a question 1. Who is HERE WITH ME K ATLANTA? What do you think, share any pics you have. 2. To all my cosplayers, when you are out and about how do you feel about people talking pictures? I am very hesitant to ask I feel like I am bother ya'll. Me personally I would do this FOR THE PICTURES. So, tell me how you like yo be approached.