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BTS be ruining my life like how in the hell can they go from being sexy as hell to being cute little puppies in like 0.0006 seconds. My poor Noona heart can't take it. They are confusing me so much I don't know if I want to rip their clothes off or gives them cakes. 😭
Like I want to call all of them daddy and I have the bend me over a table and fuck me until I can't think straight. πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
And this omg so cute I want to protect them and make them eat cakes. Like this is not normal 😭 you can't be both Noona can't handle it OMG please just stop
I know what you mean. I hate being a noona when they act like this being all sexy and cute at the same time. 😒
As a Noona, I see th as cute beagles.