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FanFic Friday

Yea...Late again...I know.... Here's a fluffly cute one shot with one of my favorite maknaes ^-^
"Baby its alright, I'll call you mine." Your ringtone blared the tune you had set for your very best friend in the entire world, Sanha. You were in your backyard, sitting in the fairly large hammock that was set up under the huge tree you had always loved, with a piece of cake. It was your birthday after all. Anyways, Sanha grew up with you. Your mom was best friends with his, so when you both were born, they decided that you two had to be best friends as well. You never had a problem with it. You both shared everything ever since you were babies. You shared toys, food, and even a crib at times. When you both were 14, you realized you liked him, more than just a friend. But you just kept it quiet, because you didn't want to ruin the special bond you both had. Then Sanha had became a trainee, and you slowly saw less of him. Until one day, he just stopped coming to see you. It was rare when you would get to spend time with him. You had met the guys he would debut as a group with once, but you never could remember their names. Soon enough, ASTRO debuted. And you never got to see Sanha, as he was too busy with promotions and whatnot. So when his special ringtone started played, your heart jumped as you hurried to answer it. "H-Hello?" you said, with shakiness evident in your voice. "Y/N! How are you? I haven't seen you in so long!" Sanha's cute, high pitched voice cracked, from the other side of the phone. You smiled, seeing as he still hadn't quiet reached the end of puberty yet. "I'm good, how are you? I've been watching your performances. Are you staying healthy? You aren't skipping your meals right?" You asked, the motherly side of you coming out. He laughed, making your heart melt at the sound. "Aish, Y/N, you sound like my mom! No, I haven't been skipping any meals, and yes I'm taking care of myself!" he said, in a taunting tone. You giggled slightly before responding. "Well excuuuuse me for worrying about my best friend." You replied, your smile slowly slipping off your face. "Oppa, when are you coming home?" You asked, your eyes slowly growing misty with tears. Sanha's tone soften. You never called him Oppa unless you were really hurting. "Don't worry, I'll see you soon, I promise." He said quietly, his voice cracking once again, giving you the hint that he was close to tears as well. "I miss you so much..." You said, tears rolling down your cheeks. "I missed you more." You jumped suddenly, hearing his voice loud and clear. There he was, standing in his favorite hoodie, sneakers, and some skinny jeans, wearing the hat you had sent him a month ago. With his one of his hands, he hung up his phone, and in his other was a stuffed tiger and a box of your favorite candy. A smile rested on his lips while you looked at him in surprise. In an instant you were on him, legs wrapped around his waist, arms secured tightly around his neck, while you buried your head in his shoulder, tears flowing faster. He had dropped the tiger and the candy to catch you, but returned your hug just as quickly. "I can't believe you, pabo!" you sobbed into his shoulder, making him laugh. "Well, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend on her birthday!" He shot back, making you look at him in confusion. "Girlfriend? What do you mean girl-" You were suddenly cut off by Sanha pressing his lips against yours softly, as if he would break you if he added even the slightest amount of pressure. All too soon, he had pulled away from you, staring at you. "I mean, I want you to be my girlfriend." He whispered. You replied by initiating another sweet kiss, this one lasting longer than the other. When you broke apart, both of you slightly out of breath, his cheeks blushed darkly, making you giggle. "I'd love to be your girlfriend Sannie~" You said, using his nickname. Sanha chuckled, setting you down on the ground, hugging you tightly again. "ABOUT TIME!" You heard your mother laugh. Sanha's mom stood with yours, a camera in her hand. "Awwww, they're all grown up now!" She squealed. You laughed, while Sanha groaned, covering his face. "Eommaaaaa, stoooooop." He said. But it just made you three laugh even harder.
That was so sweet ❤️❤️❤️
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