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Seras Victoria vs Zorin Blitz - Hellsing Ultimate

Zorin and her army of Nazi vampires attacked Seras and the French mercenaries at Hellsing HQ. Since Seras had singlehandedly shot down Zorin's fleet and seen through and broken her terrifying illusion, Zorin had her sights set on her. Zorin fought dirty and cowardly, tricking and paralyzing her victims with visions and projections, turning their own memories against them. She terrorized Seras with the terrible memories of her childhood at the orphanage, and then dug deeper, forcing her to relive her parents' murders. While Seras was frozen by the trauma of her past, Zorin mutilated her, cutting off her arm, running her through with her scythe and blinding her before Pip intervened and pumped her full of bullets. As he carried Seras away, he was hit by a spew of bullets by a surviving vampire before he, too, was run through by Zorin. As Seras groped for him, he pulled her in, finally stealing his kiss before demanding that she drink him, taking him into herself so that she could win, and boy did she! Zorin tried once more to attack her mind, but her memories were shielded by Pip, and Seras easily ripped her to shreds. This battle sealed Pip x Seras as one of my few OTPs.

Honorable Mentions

This was another tall order, but I think these are my favorite anime fights, so far, that is!

Karma vs Nagisa - Assassination Classroom

This occurred after we learned Korosensei's origin story. Nagisa proposed that, rather than assassinate him, maybe they could find a way to save him. Karma disagreed, and the two got into a brawl, and, much as I enjoyed this fight, I'm not there yet (well, both of these fights, actually). Once they were pulled apart, Korosensei had the students settle the argument with a paint ball war, rather than his beloved class ending in disarray. Naturally, the last two standing were Karma and Nagisa. I think what made this fight really special was the manner in which each decided to fight. This battle was about more than simply winning; it was about convincing the entire class how adamant they were about their side, so they chose to fight on each other's turf, so to speak, in order to win in such a way that the class would accept.

Cana Alberona vs Scorpio - Fairy Tail

Okay, so this is a goofy pick, but it stuck with me and I love it! The celestial spirits of the Zodiac had undergone a change because of reasons, and the wizards of Fairy Tail (and Yukino... and Princess Hisui) had to defeat each of them in order to save them. Cana faced off against Scorpio in the most hilarious fight I've ever seen. Rather than a straight up fight like most of the other spirits, Scorpio challenged Cana to a battle of cards where he was the rules. It was a total Yu-Gi-Oh spoof where Scorpio's cards were populated with the Eclipse versions of the spirits they were facing, and Cana's populated her cards with her friends in Fairy Tail. I was squealing with laughter the whole time! I think my favorite part was the fact that Gray had a power up where he got naked, increasing his attacking power!

Sasuke Uchiha vs Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

This battle between Sharingan was such a mind-f***! We, the audience, were lead to believe that Itachi's goal was to take his brother's eyes to achieve the Eternal Mangekyo. It seemed that he had succeeded, but then it turned out that it was a genjutsu. Let's just say genjutsu battles are super suspenseful and confusing, and I kinda dig them! Sasuke and Itachi pushed each other so far that Itachi revealed his Amaterasu and Susanoo, and Sasuke had used so much chakra that he could no longer control Orochimaru's presence inside him, which, it turned out, was Itachi's plan all along. This allowed Itachi to seal away Orochimaru's chakra and free his brother from him, playing out the biblical battle between the 8-forked snake Orochi and Susanoo (seriously, this story comes straight from the oldest Japanese texts, the Nihon Shoki and the Kojiki, which I thought was super cool! I love culturally enriching tidbits like that!). Finally, Itachi used the last of his strength to give Sasuke his abilities and went out with a smile.
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I completely forgot about the whole Cana vs Scorpio board game fight. That really was awesome. And Itachi vs Sasuke will always be a top anime fight I feel like. Great choices as always.
Sasuke and Itachi fight is beautiful
Love these!
I've always known that itachi was a beast, but seeing that fight again it brought me to 1 conclusion......strongest ninja to live.....but at the same time i think he was a good brother in his own way.... and the assassination classroom fight o.m.g!!! best fight ever!!!!!!