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I need some anime to watch! I prefer less mainstream ones because I most likely have seen those. Genres I like: Action, Mecha, Ecchi, Harem, Supernatural, Adventure. Genres I don't like: Romance (unless it is paired with action), Yaoi/Yuri (I am not homophobic I just don't like it in this art form), Sports (unless it is really good), Slice of Life. Comment down below your suggestions, Thanks!
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Thanks, I'll check it out! @bendyhallatren
No game No life is an ecchi, harem, action and hilarious!!! I highly recommend it!
Lol, I have already seen No Game No Life. it is a really good show though. Thanks anyways! @midnitestar421
HxH, NGNL, HxH, Kuroko no basuke it's sports and I hate sports but it's one of my top 5 , HxH, Food Wars and did I mention Hunter x Hunter?
lol Hunter x Hunter is amazing, I'm on the Chimera Ant arc @Ritu