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So I wanted to give this a shot and am gonna do Day 1 and Day 2 since Ill be out of town til Monday :) So here goes nothing!
Day 1: Very first anime I watched: Was without surprise, Pokemon. This anime has been around foreverrrr and for me, personally it, it started with the trading card game way back in 7th grade. I was a beast and proudly played with a red deck with Charizard and a Dark Charizard as my top cards. And then everyday after school, I would come home and watch Pokemon. I didn't know that was considered an anime at the time, but more of kid show I was into and I also played the Game Boy Color games - Red, Blue and Yellow :)
Day 2: Fav. Anime you've watched so far: Hands down my favorite anime is SAO I and SAO II. It is so strange how it happened because it didn't happen right off the bat. My fiance was actually watching this while I was finishing up FMA: Brotherhood. I was so in love with Brotherhood that it was really hard for me to watch anything else at the time. But I knew I couldn't stop there, that I needed to watch other anime....so I sat down once when he was watching the first few episodes of SAO. At the time, I remember thinking, "Oh that main character is pretty cute but hey wait a minute, isn't his voice Rin's from Blue Exorcist??!" Since my brain deciphers that voice as Rin, I couldn't even watch it so I moved on. Or so I thought .
About a month later, I decided to try watching it again, but this time in subtitles....and I was in love! I loved Kirito's voice much better in Japanese and I loved how it was action packed and had a romance that actually was built up for once and not just in one episode. I didn't enjoy ALO as much as SAO (due to the weird incest tone going on) but that didn't stop me from binge watching SAO II and ever since last winter, I have been hooked and have probably re-watched both seasons multiple times now. Kirito is my husbando and Kirisuna is my OTP. <3