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Guys eveybody had been guessing about a dark concept and now Kai has confirmed it...there's this theory about masks going on check it out here
At the recent fansign Kai kept doing this weird hand thing (dance for the comeback maybe???)

Do you think their hinting at something for the comeback???

I swear I might kill someone if they don't allow Kyungsoo to color his hair...its been too damn long... cr. to owners
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Kyungsoo should do red again ..... that was beautiful
Lol the hand sign through some research means 1) devil 2) illuminati Thank u very much
@Izzy987 lols there's rumors that it'll be a devil concept some fans say the concept is a devil typpa concept because sm always wanted to this. idk it'll be interesting.
@BrandyBell16 @EmilyPeacock I just got a little worked up is all...kpop turns me into an emotional mess
@clandrea170 lmao me too 😪