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I put that pic for no reason I'm just asking for animes that you might think are great cuz I just finished a anime and I cant find one so I thought it might be good to ask others
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Idk if you have seen attack on titan but if u have and like it try out knights of sidonia, very similar to aot and to me far better
@paultipps323 馃槂thanks you and I have heard of Attack on Titan and I only saw like two episodes cuz my friend won't let me watch them with out her 馃槕cuz she like that anime soooo much
u two should watch knights of sidonia together then lol, it's got an extremely similar plot as aot, but set in the future
Toradora for romance, Baka and test for comedy, no game no life for adventure, parasyte for horror, high school Dxd for ecchi, hunter x hunter for action
thanks for saying all of you馃槉馃槂馃槂馃槉