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Hey everyone! Y'all miss me? Well I sure missed you guys!!! I had a fun little vacation and I'm glad I'm back at home. There's a lot of things I haven't posted that I've been meaning to post. So... I'm gonna do an all in one card today so I'm caught up on what I need to share with all of you. Let's get started...
I'm going to start off with my review of Shinee's Jonghyun. His new title song "She Is" is very interesting. I like the beat and how the song is made. The MV is interesting as well. At first I thought something was wrong with my phone's screen because the MV's lighting is very dim, then realized it was made that way. It's a very colorful MV as you can see. Jonghyun looks pretty darn good looking here too. The "Oh She Is" in the background was not what I heard at first I will be honest 😂. The background dancers were great. I wish I understood the theme of the music video though. If anyone could help me explain that, leave it in the comments! Jonghyun did a great job on this song I think. It's very catchy and I loved that little hip hop breakdown in the middle. Oh and I love Jonghyun's pink hair too 😍


I am going to do a review of Oh My Girl's comeback "Windy Day"
I was so thrilled to hear that Oh My Girl was making yet another comeback. They're becoming my new favorite girl group in the KPOP world. "Windy Day" is perfect for Spring or Summer! I loved the MV concept and the girls are so pretty! The song is good and catchy like I had hoped it would be and I loved it! I absolutely loved the choreography bits in the MV as well. I loved all the vocals!

Block B's Park Kyung feat. GFriend's Eunha - "Inferiority Complex"

When I heard about this collaboration I had a hard time catching my breath because I was so excited!!! A lot of people are complaining about Eunha's voice being annoying and pitchy.... Well.... I don't think so! I think her aegyo singing and the high notes matched with the song perfectly! Kyung is so adorable and is wrecking my bias list at the moment! I think this duet was amazing.

Swagger Time!

I have no words for M.A.P.6 now. Lol. It was just too good! I'm speechless!!!!


Boyfriend also made a comeback with "To My Bestfriend"!!! I was also excited about this comeback even though I'm not very familiar with Boyfriend besides their debut hit song and "Bounce". This MV is so cute!!!! And the song is really sweet!


KNK IS MAKING A COMEBACK IN JUNE!!!! My babies are coming back with "Back Again" and I can't believe they're making a comeback this soon after just debuting like 2 months ago! This is the most excited I've been since BTS made they're comeback with "Fire" and "Save Me"! And don't forget to check out KNK's new single "I Remember" which dropped back on May 16, 2016!
I hope I didn't miss or forget anything! Let me know what you guys think about all these MVs! ALSO, DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME SOME NEW IDEAS OR SEGMENTS YOU GUYS MIGHT THINK I SHOULD DO FOR Y'ALL TO ENJOY!!! Leave them in the comments or message me personally! Thanks loves!
@CLAKPOP XD I'm not alone lolol
@mrsjeon that's exactly what I heard 😂
Jonghyun ily u know this lmfao but all I heard was " oh shits " I'M SORRY ;u;