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No Cheatin You Have To Send This To 10 people in your Contacts & See What You Are To Them! 1.Cute 2. Pretty 3. Fine 4. Sexy 5.Wanna date 6.Who Are You?? 7.Lowkey?? 8. Ride Or Die 9.Hater 10. Thot 11.Mines 12. My Baby 13.Baby Boy 14.Baby Girl 15.Bae 16. Hmu 17. My Dairy 18. Make You Moan ?? 19.Fuck You 20. Daymaker 21. Give Me A Kiss 22. Give You A Hickey 23.Big Daddy 24.Bestfriend 25.Hubby 26. Wifey❤ 27.Chill With Me 28.Baby Mama 29.Main 30. Friend 31.You Good In Da Bed 32.We're Cool 33.You're Fake 34. Shottah 35.Le'bomb 36. Mii Bitch 37.We Should Talk More 38. I Love You 39. I Like You 40. Would You Fuck me?? 41.You're Funny 42.Movies? 43. We We're Cool 44.Thottie ✋ 45. Fight Me 46.Use To Like You 47. Would You Go Out With Me Again?? 48.Your Annoying 49.Bffl ?? 50. Eat You Out ?? 51.Ion Fwu 52. Let Me Touch Your Muscle ?? 53.I Have Dreams About You?? 54.Daughter?? 55.Son?? 56. Fuck for life?? 57.Cookie?? 58.You're Crazy? 59.I Miss You? 60.I Hate You In A Friendly Way?? 61.Tongue Kiss?? pick