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ok guys, this mask is also going to be one of my favorites... So using the carbonated bubble mask has already helped me eliminate deep rooted blackheads, but my nose area and chin were still kind of plagued....
Yesterday I put on this mask and it smelled so bad at first lol unless you like the smell of red ginseng... then it smells lovely... It not the most adorable mask but it was fun to wear just like the others. I left this one on for a lot longer then the others because for me this one kept it's moisture forever... and why stop a good thing while it's going... This mask lifted the dirt... and by lifted I mean I used to carbonated mask after and a biore strip and everything came out...
sorry I can't take better photos.... so this is with light coverage makeup... My nose was a little red from all the extraction but as you can see its super smooth... also the second picture is to show you how well my complexion has inproved... that's all light to medium coverage... still have some acne on my chin but I just ordered a week of tea tree masks to help me out and some elizavecca foam pore tightener. (I didn't actually wash my hair and I was going to the barn to ride horse, sorry I look so messy)
@SimplyAwkward Have fun! :)
@cindystran time for researching to see if which is ok and not okay for me then
@SimplyAwkward For the ones with alcohol in them, I would say no because it might irritate your skin.
@MaighdlinS I can probably look on amazon to see if they have donkey milk gel face masks though
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