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#1: Chen is the main vocalist of EXO-M, and quite possibly the best vocalist in all of EXO. he is one of the most underrated members of EXO. Fans speculate that because he was put into EXO-M with a limited grasp of Mandarin, he wasn鈥檛 able to show off his charisma and charm like the other members, hence he was left in the shadows.
#2: He likes to joke around and prank his fellow members.
#3. Personality: Kind, gentle, considerate, troll, prankster, funny, hyper, stubborn, polite, cheerful
#4: Born: September 21st, 1992
#5: Favorite Cartoons: Donald Duck, Garfield
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@lunacordero honestly same馃槃 if he focused more on singing more of the rock style I'll probably be broke from spending so much money on his music馃槀
@KpopBlossom Oh hunny I know I'll be blowing moths and spider website out of my wallet. but at least I'll have his albums mwhaha
@LunaCordero the struggle will be real that's for sure馃槀馃槀
@KpopBlossom Oh yea it will but the rewards shall be worth it
Chen! Dat cutie!