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Ju-ne: Is this going to be a weekly thing where I have to share a card? I'm sorry June! Next week you will get your own I promise! I got sick and haven't had time. Ju-ne: Well I guess I will forgive you then. Taehyun: What do you mean you guess! Idiot she is sick! Whoa you two no fighting! I better get started before they fight xD.
So I was going to introduce them a little but this week will just be spam for me.
So enjoy these lovely sassy creatures.
And their company of choice.
So next week will be better I promise <3 Taehyun: Are you still on about that Sam? Go rest! But I... Ju-ne: You better end this card now and go rest! Fine you guys win. <3
spam is fine with me! I'm doing my intro next week too cause this week is a little crazy... I hope you feel better!!
@swarrier16 Thank you <3