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Written by Erin Nicole Starring: Y/N , Kim Namjoon. Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Teen Romance.

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Chapter 7: Negatives into Positives.

Two guards Run into the Lab to Help Dr. park stand up. "Doctor, they have escaped!" Said one of the guards. "Should we go after them?" Asked the other guard. "NO!" Ordered Dr. park. "I've got something better planned." He continued. Meanwhile, I Searched for Namjoon everywhere, but he was nowhere in sight. Then all of the sudden I spot him, and he's standing at the edge of a Bridge getting ready to jump. I run to him "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!" I screamed. He turns around and looks at me. "Don't you see, Y/N?" He asked "I've Failed." he said while about to burst into tears. "I've failed My sister, I've failed Yoongi, and I've Failed You!" He Said while trying to hold back tears. "You're Not a Failure to me." I said to him. "You've made mistakes. we all have." I said. "I've made plenty of Mistakes!" I said while starting to cry. "But Killing yourself is Not the answer!" I said to him as Tears are falling down my face. "The whole world wants me dead!" Said Namjoon. "They all see me as a Monster!" He said while Crying. "I Don't! You're My guardian Angel." I said "I Need You, Namjoon!" I continued while bawling my eyes out! Namjoon stops from getting ready to jump and slowly turns around. "I...I...Love You!" I said. Namjoon steps down from the edge of the bridge, he Walks up to me, And Kisses me with his Soft lips while he has his arms wrapped around me. he hugs me, and places my Head on his Strong shoulder while Stroking my Hair. "You change all my Negatives into Positives." He says Gently while Crying. "I Love you, Namjoon" I said while Crying. "I Love you too, Y/N." He said Softly. I look at Namjoon as he starts smiling . It was the first time I had ever seen him Smile. He had one of the sweetest Smiles I had ever seen. "Come on, let's get you out of here." He told me. "We're going to figure out how to save Yoongi."
I Hope you enjoyed this Chapter. Yes, it's a short one. I didn't want to leave you guys on a Cliffhanger. I'll post the next one when I have it finished. @Sammie99522 @CrookedShadow @AbbyRamey @KarenGuerra93 @tiffany1922 @Mrsjeon @ShellyFuentes70 @Saeda1320 @BrookeBitzan @MariaMontoya1 @ammagrande @RKA916 @MissT615 @Michelle305
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